Alverno College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


There really are no groups excluded from Alverno. There are weeekend courses offered and many first time college students all the way through returning education students attend Alverno. The only exception is that currently the undergraduate program does not admit males. The scholarships and grants that Alverno awards also helps to allow low income students to attend as well.


Students of middle class familys who are not yet 24 years old, and are considered by the federal government to be dependents of their family should not attend Alverno college. Yes Alverno is a great school however, it is a private school and very expensive and i know first hand the burden of trying to afford school by working full time while attending school.


If you are a student that is not interested in attending a women's college this is not the school for you. I would not have gone to Alverno immediately out of high school due to the lack of social networking available and remoteness of the campus in comparison to the downtown area. If you are new to the city of Milwaukee or do not already have a well established group of friends or way of transportation you may want to consider an alternative school.


Alverno is a private women's Catholic college. If you are a male and/or you strongly believe that a women's Catholic college is not for you then you should not attend this school.


Some one who hopes to go into the medical school especially nursing. Also a person who acspects to work hard and stay on task. Someone who likes to learn more on a one on one basis with the teacher and enjoys small class sizes. Students get to know other peers along with the teacher because engaging activities are part of the learning process at Alverno College.


Introverted. Someone who prefers a rural setting.


Someone that should not go to this school would be someone who is not ready to give it their all. I think that there are many challenges that have to be faced, challengages that are good but for some people may be bad. So someone who is not ready to take that next step in life this college would not be the place for them!


A person who does not like group work should not attend this school.


Anyone who is not determined, doesn't take school seriously and is going for the parties.


Anyone who is not open to trying new things. As a freshman I learned that I have to open my eyes to see the global perspective in everything. Students also should be able to feel comfortable with not recieving A,B or C's as a grade. You have to look at how your processing the information and applying it to your everyday life.


Anybody should attend this college. However, it's an all girl school, so men can't attend the undergraduate program, but men can attend Alverno to get their master's. Alverno college is a great school! It is expensive compared to other schools, but it's definately worth it in the long run. A person who wants a good education, great peers, and great professiors should attend Alverno college!


Someone who does not like self assessments or group work or unique curriculum its pass/fail, no grades


People who are close minded and self-absorbed should not attend this school.


Someone who isn't willing to put 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} into their studies. Someone who isn't willing to make sacrafices, such as giving up a social life, to graduate. A person shouldn't attend this school if their expecting a big campus with lots of options for dining, socializing, and extracuricular activities.


WOMEN who want to go far in life with their careers and are willing to make a bold difference. Its all about thinking outside the box


Someone who is not willing to work hard and go above and beyond.


Alverno allows all kinds of people from different backgrounds to attend. It is known as an all women's ollege, but th truth is that men are allowed to take classes at Alverno for graduate studies. I would suggest to people from any type of background to consider Alverno for continuing their education. All staff are friendly and open to all students, as well as students to their peers.