Alverno College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most ‘frustrating thing’ about Alverno College is adapting to the unique teaching style that the college enforces. Four years ago, I began studies in Biology and Environmental Sciences at Alverno College. It was then, that I quickly realized that Alverno was very unique and academically demanding college. The work that an Alverno student puts into her studies is extensive and challenging. Students self-assess their learning habits as an opportunity to reflect upon: course material, criteria, and objectives. Alverno’s style of teaching is effective; but, getting used to the teaching style is frustrating.


Alverno does not have anything that frustrates me. Any issues that i have faced have been taken care of in a very timely manner.


Too much group projects and public speaking


There is a lot of outside work that needs to be completed for every class. Many papers and readings.


Registration for classes for the next semester


The cost.


The most frustrating thing about my school is dorm life. As a freshman, we must share dorms with one other person. My roommate and I are total opposites and things just aren't working out!


The most frustrating thing about my school is the demanding load of coursework. Alverno College puts a strong emphasis on students achieving their eight abilities which include: communication, aesthetic engagement, problem solving, developing a global perspective, analysis, valuing/decision making, social interaction, and effective citizenship. Because of these abilities, Alverno College gives its students various opportunities to reach all these abilities, so while the coursework may seem overwhelming at times, I recognize that it is all to benefit the students for their future careers.


Buying books because I like to buy them online not from the book store, and the only way to know what books you need is to go to the book store and look it up.


unfair of distribution of financial aid to those who need it. I see college as a business first, and not for students needs.