Alverno College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about Alverno College is instead of grades, they offer abilities and how you validate these in your work. It's a new and great way of learning.


The best thing about Alverno is the professors. Professors at Alverno actually care about their students succeeding. The professors push their students to be the best that they can be and if the professor sees that a student is struggling he or she either helps the student or point the student in the right direction to find the help she needs to succeed.


The class sizes are small which makes it easier to interact wth the professors and other classmates.


I consider Alverno College to be a great school to attend for a college degree, because the class sizes are small, group work is highly emphasized, special attention is paid to public speaking skills, and the teachers and staff truly care about students.


I am surrounded by a hands on atmosphere that applies to my major of study. I've develop stronger critical thinking skills and gain the ability to take what I learn in the classroom and relate it to my career. I am in an environment that consists of students and faculty members that have high aspirations, crave to learn more, and at the same time, have fun along way. I've participated in the total college experience!


The best thing about my school is the fact that it in interactive, we have small classes, and the instructors care! I truly learn the material, and they are so helpful. There was some speculation in grade school, middle school, and high school that I might have a learning disability, and the way Alverno teaches helps the material stick.


The teachers commitment to students at Alverno is absolutely the best quality. They believe the core values and eight abilities which Alverno is based on and show it in their teachings.


The best thing I considered about Alverno College is how i can easily schedule time with my advisor. Since there is not a lot of students at Alverno, the advisors have more free time. If i need to change my schedule, major, or whatever, i know that i can count on my advisor.


The best thing about our school is the class sizes. Our class sizes consist of 20-30 students. This is great because it allows the professors to interact one on one with the students rather than being lectured with 100 other students.


There are many more positive things about my school than negatives. Since the classes are smaller, students get more one-on-one time with their professors. Without a grading system, teachers do not just give a pass or fail; teachers give extensive feedback about the strengths and areas for improvement in each project or essay completed. Multiple choice tests are virtually non-existent at Alverno, most final assessments are papers, projects and presentations. These final assessments always include a "self-assessment" where you evaluate how well you did; teachers look this over and provide their opinion on your accuracy.


The best thing about Alverno is the ability-based curriculum and the pass/fail grading system. If you learn the material, you will be successful; if you don't learn, you can't pass. And it doesn't matter how many hours you have or haven't put into classwork; with the abilities and prior-learning opportunities, everything you can contribute actually counts.


Small class sizes (30 maximum).


Diversity and low stress environment. Small class sizes, there is no grading system eliminating a competitious atmosphere, and the students are a college family of diverse ethnic backgrounds.


You have the ability to fix your work and make sure you really know the material form class and its application in real life situations.


Alverno tries to be dedicated to helping more women become known as prospective human beings, that are just as needed as men. I like this because women are always seen as nurturing and motherly; which is why they're thought to be nothing more than a maid, but women can do the same things men can. EVERYONE deserves the same advantages and they create one stepping stone towards getting everyone those advantages.


The pesevereance the teachers have for us and the pride and strength we have as students to academically succeed and strive to learn and be better at our profession.


That the environment really forces you to learn. I have not forgotten pertinent information at Alverno as compared to other schools and classes I have attended. It just sticks with you.


Small classroom sizes are helpful because there is a lot of interaction between the professor and students.


That it is all women and that the classes are small. I also like that everyone goes by their first name even the professors so everything is equal among students and staff.


I think that the best thing is the pass or fail system.


Ability based learning. Having to consistantly demonstate knowledge really helps you internalize information, not just spit it up on a test.


There truely arent any tests. Instead we use discussion and presentations to show what we have learned throughout the semester. The classes are small and very hands on involved.


The best thing about Alverno is the access to professors. I can e-mail, call, or simply drop by a teachers office at any time. Also they go by a first name basis so it makes you feel much more comfortable asking questions and asking for additional help.