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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Juan, when you transition over to your first year in college make sure that you study hard. I suggest and I really hope you do leave behind all the habits of studying loosely or not studying at all because, if you do not study, then college is going to be really hard. I would also suggest that you make some friends. I you manage to make friends then classes will not be so hard or maybe even seem boring for not interacting with others.


If I had known what I know now when I had graduated college I would have made different decisions. First when I applied for college I felt very over whelmed. I did not do all that I should have during high school like take higher educated classes to prepare myself for college. I would have studied more and taken more time to learn more what college has to offer. Knowing that I wanted to go to college I should have not done a co-op class just so I can leave school early. I would have taken more prep classes to be ready to handle the college classes and test. Education is so important today in the work world. Most jobs require that you have at least a 4 yr degree. That is why I am returning to the class room to do what I should have done before having a full time job that I have capped out at due the lack of higher education.


Life as it is now is oversimplified to a fault. Relish it, embrace it, experience it. Do things you'll regret, make memories, waste nothing. Listen to all of the tiresome cliches and try to hear the resonance of truth in them -- life is what you make of it, waste not want not, home is where the heart is. Err, scratch that last one. Anyhow, never fail to take risks or pass opportunities with potential. As dull as it may sound now, give back to your community, others, loved ones -- you'll come to appreciate the serene feeling gained through the joy and respect of fellow humans (plus it looks good for colleges!) Basically, just don't ever miss a beat -- be you, no more, no less, and take nothing for granted.


My advice to the younger, skinnier me would be to take some dual credit classes while in high school (articulated classes). It would have saved me a lot of time and money! I pay for college out of my own pocket, so two things I give up constantly are my time and hard earned cash; Two things that were plentiful but under appreciated in my blossoming years. I worked during high school but all I did with the money was buy Abercrombie clothing and other non-necessities (bedazzled hair clips, Dr. Marten boots, Coach purses, coconut scented hair towels??!, etc). If I would've just saved at least $50 per paycheck, I would be sitting prettier and a bit more educated than I am now. Ah, to be young and naive....and now? Older and regretful.


I would tell my high school self that just because you are making A's now dig deeper. College is a whole different world but it is a great experience and you should cherish it.


The discussion I would have with myself if I could go all the way back to 1985 is to not wait this long to go to college. Go right out of high school, it is important because study habits are fresh, responsibilities are fewer and stress level is lower. A career is important in this day and time while having an income that can support a family. Also, going to college right out of high school is a great start to being on your own and learning responsibility. I would warn myself to study hard and to not put off assignments because it catches up with you and makes everything alot harder. Hold your head up high, have confidence and believe in yourself and follow your dreams! It's worth every second, sweat and tear... Sheri Low


I would convince myself and my parents to "go away" to college. I had a really good job when I graduated and focused more on work then school. I would tell myself that the four(ish) years you are in college will be the easiest time for you to focus on college, and your future. It is hard to get those years back and it gets harder to be able to keep that focus on school. I would force myself to see that it I am smarter then I think I am, and that I am capable of becoming anything I want to be, even if I am not sure what that is yet. I would also suggest saving money for when I go to a university, to avoid being in debt when I graduate with my degree.


If I could go back in time, I would explain about all of the available scholarships and financial aid available for college. I would explain the reasons for going to college and how it will benefit me. The many reasons for going to college would be an education is important to obtain a good career in a field you will enjoy.


I would tell myself to be more serious. I graduated pretty high in my class but I know I could have done better. I would also tell myself the importance of volunteer work. As a high school senior I was focused on getting graduated and getting out of there. If i could go back and talk to myself, I would tell myself to slow down and really focus.