Amarillo College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell myself not to stress about college it is actully easier than high school becasue your teachers actully teach you what you need to know, not about stuff you dont care about. College is based on what you want to do when you get older, not what the state wants you to learn.


The first thing I would automaticly tell myself would be to play my last year of football instead of leaving the team. The next thing I would tell myself would be to prepare myself better to go to college and not to wait that extra year I took off.


If I could go back to high school I would tell myself to be careful of who I associate with. Many teenagers want to be popular but they don't think about the consequences, nor do they realize the impact that peers have on them. Who you're friends with in high school can directly reflect who you are as a person and they can slow you down if you have career goals.


Going back in time, I see the typical high school senior: lazy, laid back, easy classes, just can't wait for it to be over. If I had to give myself advice about future college life, I would tell myself to enjoy life. My senior year only comes once. However, i can not lose track of my goals or who my friends are in the blindness of my euphoria. Graduating from high school is not graduation into fun and play, it's graduation into work, blood, sweat, and tears. When you graduate you must be prepared to hit the ground running. If I knew then what I know now, I probably would have been better prepared for the long hours of study to maintain my full-time status, on top of working two part-time jobs. Keep your priorities straight and stick to what is most important to you. What is most important is what will help you survive the transition between high school status and being a college student.


I would give myself the advice to not leave the things you can do today, till tomorrow. College is mostly about meeting deadlines. In high scholl, the teachers are very leniant with the homework, and that gets the students into bad habits of making up excuses of why they didn't turn in the homework. This advice I would of loved to hear my fist semester of college because that would of eliminated a lot of trouble.


I would tell myself to go to nursing school & get my master's degree so that I could be a nurse practitioner. This is a great field that allows autonomy without the overload of being an MD. It also allows more flexibility so that you have time to have & raise kids. I would finish school at any cost but I would have gone to Texas Tech so that I could have still met my hubby!!!


If I could go back in time, I'd explain to myself that taking AP and dual credit classes would help me in the long run. Taking dual credit classes in high school are free, and they give you college hours. I've figured out college is expensive, and I should have taken dual credit classes my senior year. I'd also tell myself to study and do my homework. Teachers always say we're getting you ready for college, but in reality they aren't. They just tell you to do your homework, they don't encourage doing it. They don't teach you study techniques, or even explain how hard college can be. The last thing I'd tell myself is to start saving money for school. Saving money for college is very important, and if you start early you are able to buy everything you need to be ready to start school. You might get scholarships, but those go to the school. You never see that money unless your scholarship amounts exceed your tuition and book fees.


I would tell my self don't let anyone stop your dreams of being someone and something some day. No matter how hard and trying life my get sometimes don't give up because the result in the end will be greater than you imagine. There will be sometimes where you will think about giving up because it just seems to never end and when that time comes just think about all of the alternatives. No matter what you could come up with the out come couldn't be more rewarding then going to college and finishing college. Just think about some day when you do have children don't you want them to be proud of you. Don't you want your parents to be proud of you. Make sure you do this for your self and no one else.


I would tell my self that working full time is not an option when trying to take school seriousely. And to go to more than one advisor for advise to make sure that all the classses I take are the right one I had a not so good first semester do to the entering of wrong class by my advisor who I dont blame she was morning the loss of her mother it was just a big set back the put me in a ditch that has taken me some time to come out of but I am out and ready to rock so if anything I would say to my high school self stay on target and make school your #1 priority. like I am know.


I would tell myself the truth. Decide first hand what you want to, but be open to different oppurtunities. I would also tell myself that currently I am interested in a career working at a Childrens Science Museum and too look into schooling concerning that field. Astronomy and Exhibit installation are looking to be good careers. I would let myself know the areas that I am enjoying while working at the current science museum I am at and some of the oppurtunities I would be given. Overall though I would tell him to not overwhelm himself with schooling and work, "Keep Busy, but do not overwork yourself and give yourself oppurtunities to take a break and hang out with some friends".


I love college life. I think it's awsome. If I could go back in time and talk to myself when I was a senior I would tell myself to take high school more seriously. I would try to perfect my music reading and counting instead of thinking I already knew everything. My first day of private clarinet lessons my professor was very unimpressed, but once again I thought I know everything. I practiced only three times a week still thinking I was really good. When midterm came around I was sitting at a "C". I couldn't believe it. I decided that I need to change things. By the end of the semster I was practicing everyday for two hours, that the recommended minimum. I came out of the semester with an "A".


the only advise that i will give my self is to do better and inproved me as a better student in ordet to be sussefull in my life and respect me and others to be a better person, and overwork my life as student , and achieved my goals to get my dreams come true.