American Academy of Dramatic Arts-Los Angeles Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


About all the people who have graduated from AMDA. Noteably the pop star Jason derulo as well as actors off the hit show modern family and actors in broadway productions such as kinky boots, Book of mormon, and the new production of Les Miserables.


I love it's location and living the big city life. It is a good place to start off on your own in life, and a great place to explore as a young adult.


I akways brag about how i can completly express myself freely without being punished for having different ideas than anyone else. I brag about how much happier i feel in that enviornment than i ever did back home. I brag about how the people are so accepting and brilliant young talents that are giving me a run for my money but I'm enjoying every moment of it, i brag how it's not an easy ride to a degree, and that I have to actully work, I love working for a reward.