American Academy of Dramatic Arts-Los Angeles Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Someone who is closed minded or not very open. This is for someone who wants to express their creativity through a performing art. So if you don't feel comfotable singing, dancing, or acting in front of people I wouldn't go to ADMA.


If your a student that is not eager to learn and does not do work out side of class then the your education will not exspand. The teachers gives you the tools that are needed. The students themself need to want to work. Nothing can improve unless you work on your performance. Students that ditch are not acceptible. AMDA has a policy of ditching if you miss more then 4 class sessions you will be dropped and needed to repeat the course. Homework is also being given and if the work isnt done the teachers will think pourly of you.


If you don't like completely immersing yourself in work, don't attend this school. If you refuse to put forth 1,000% into honing your craft, don't attend this school. If you can't take criticism, don't attend this school. It's plain and simple - you have to be dedicated and tremendously hardworking in order to succeed, and that's not just at this particular institution, but in your chosen career as well (the performing arts).


A slacker should not attend this school, it requires a lot of hard work and participation and dedication to make it past the first semester. Also a person who can't take critisism it's an acting school, they will be critqueing you quite often, and you can't be too sensitive or you wil never make it, and ytou can't be difficult to work with because apart of your grade is a studentship grade which is based off your attituded and if you have a bad one you can consider your self not invited back.