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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


the best thing you can do as my dad used to tell me -go to school , youve got school -you have got a future, no one will take it away from you and the benefits are amazing


High school may seem tough, but college life is much worse. It is no longer your teachers responsibility to make sure you do your work. You don't do you work, you don't pass and there goes thousands of dollars down the drain. In order to learn, you must study, participate in lecture and take lots of notes. Grades are not given, but they are actually earned. In high school teachers and parents are always making sure work is complete, but in college you get a deadline and it is your responsibility to make sure it is done. If the assignment is not complete the zero what you recieve. Your professor will not pull you aside and ask you where your assignment is, but rather just continue with the class because you are now considered an adult and expected to act like one.


My college experience has given me a new outlook on life. There just might always be someone next to you who is smarter than you, but it is the full package that counts. Going to college has given me knowledge in more ways than just book smarts. I know about real life situations in the work force, just how important it is to network in your field, and how to keep my family close even while we are so far apart. Life is what you make it, and I chose the path of college to help make mine.


I would give myself many advices if i were to be able to go back in time as a high school senior. However, one advice I would give in particular is to always ask questions and be involve. I was always shy, and continue to be but not as before, and as a student I never asked any questions because I was concerned I would ask a dumb question. However, I have learned that there is no such thing as a dumb question, because you are succeessful and learned more when you do ask and become involved.


When I was in high school, I attended a private Catholic high school, and was in a bubble, which prevented me from seeing the real world. If I had to give advice to myself as a high school senior, I would say to be prepared for the real world; get a job, save money, and the point of going to college is to be prepared for life. Sure, it is a bonus to meet people, but don't waste college on a just the social aspect, but rather focus on goals like becoming a nurse, and being able to stand on your own feet after graduation.


Everyone says that being a senior in high school is the best experience in life, but i think i would tell myself that being a high school senior is just the beginning of a wonderful future


If i was granted the oppurtunity to go back in time and give myself some sort of helpfull advice ,I would make sure to let myself know that there is always going to be time for parties in the future and that education should always be your number one priority.In collage you don't have a teacher to tell you to come to school and ask you if you completed your homework everyday, this is a responsibility and a major step into becoming a responsible and a prepared person to attened collage. You will be faced with some tough decisions but with time and preparation, success can be accomplished at an ease.


Tamara, don't take a break! Yes the job you have right now is paying you good money, but education out weights it! That 1 year break you say you need is going to turn into 16 years.. And in 16 years there is going to be a recession which you will lose your job.. THEN WHAT? Being a single mom is tough but being a songle mom and becoming a workaholic is not good. Think about the example you will set for you son. He's going to think working out ways education. Think about how not continuing your education is going to affect him. Think about how it's going to affect you! Having your degree will not only pay well but think of the time you will have with you son. Not continuing your education will turn in into a workaholic and a mom who will miss highlights of your sons' high school days. To sum it up; 16 years from now at the top of you list of things to do won't be Going back to school, cause that degree matter s more than work experience!


You should have short term goals and long term goals set before you begin college. Be confident in the choices you make and always plan ahead. Do not procrastinate or else you will have consequences. Most importantly, go into a field you enjoy and volunteer yourself to gain exposure and deepen your desire in that field. Be a sponge, absorb everything they teach or share with you.