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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


So far i have learnes that i have to really apprechiate what i can learn from the professor, and the ones around me. it has brought great knowledge to me.


Being in a whole new environment from high school has made me open my eyes to a whole lot of experiences that teach responsibility and adult hood. From attending college I have been able to broaden my view on a different lifestyle.


College is a big step in life, it makes you successful, and gives you oppurtunities to better jobs. Therefore I encourage you to do well in school, always try your best, even if you think your not going to go to college in the future, still o your best. Who knows you may get tired of staying home and working your part time time, minimum wage job, then thats when your going to realize that you want to go back to school. Yes, it does make a differnece if you have good grades, so pay attention in class. Being in college is fun, but you need to know how to keep up with your homework and try to make it every class sessions, because attendance is important in college, so train yourself now and apply them to your life wirte now.


I would say to my self, " stay on top of things, and be focused rather than being side tracked", i also would say, " save your money, and keep your priorities straight".


If I could go back in time and talk to myslef, I would say, "Larisa, your going to college! Concentrate on your studies, make new friends, get involved with the school activities. Take advantage of every opportunity to further your education for your future that you possible can. If overseas travels are offered to further your academics, take those opportunities, they may not come back around. Going to college is a great thing, its exciting. You will make friends you can keep the rest of your life. Pay attention in class, take good notes, do your homework assignments, go to class! Cause, some day later down the road when your paying back those school loans, your gonna wish you had paid more attention in class and got your moneys woth! " : )


If I could talk to myself in my senior year of high school, I would tell myself to make any preparations possible for finances. I would strongly encourage myself to look into financial aid and scholarships. I would also tell myself to take it seriously despite whether I planned to go to school or not. I would just encourage myself to go for my dreams and do all that I can to accomplish the goals that I have in life. I know that in my senior year I would have liked to know that I could do anything if I would just go for it. I never knew I would be where I am at now. I have come so far. I would like to have known that I would do great things. Most importantly, I would tell myself to just make the most of everyday. I would reassure myself that if I put in a good attitude and outlook on life then that is what I would get back. The whole world is a wonderful place in which I could discover my potential.