American Intercontinental University-GA Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could go back in time, I would tell myself to find out absolutely all I can about each university I apply and to which I get accepted . I would also attempt to find out who i really am before I leave for college because being released into the real world has a way of get to and changing a person. I would teach myself various study tips and learn how to focus despite the things around me. College is tons of fun, but there are so many opportunities to get caught up and fail. I encourage teenagers to enjoy college and their experiences but to be extremely mindful of the things that are out there and how quickly a 3.5 can turn into a 1.8!


Each level of education is different. Regardless, you must maintain focus, determination and will power. You must keep focus on your goal. Ask yourself some possible life changing questions and find out the answer. If you keep your goal as the main focal point then you can only succeed. Be determined, for any and all obstacles in your path not to be a setback but a stepping stone. Let not an excuse be your escape but allow the challenge to be your motivation. Be patient and try not to let yourself be overwhelmed. Learn discipline early and maintain it in your studies as well as life.


College may seem like a big step now, but keep your head up and search until you find that one college that stands out to you. Getting to the best college is worth all the effort you can put into the search. Once you find that one college and are enrolled, that big step you thought you were taking will soon turn into a baby step. This is the first, most important choice, in your adult life, when you learn to make this choice the rest of the decisions will come effortlessly.


I would tell my self to slow down and sleep on things before I make a decision.


I would have committed myself more to my studies. I know I could have done better. I definitely have focused more on math.


Whats funny is that i always think about if i could go back and tell my self something what would it be. Its simple i tell myself hey Rich do your work in class and do your homework and projects etc.. get a scholarship to college so you dont have to pat so much money. Its funny cause when i was giving a free public education i was playing aroundnot taking advantage of it messing up in school not doin my work not caring basically and it was FREE. Now that im older and care about school and dont want to play around and want to learn i got to pay a arm and a leg for something that if i was only smarter when i was giving the free education to take advantage and get a free ride through college . Basically i worked backwards i was giving the free chance first and wasted it now im not giving the free chances i need all the money i can get. So for all high school students outthere take advantage of what you are gettin now so later down the rode it can be easier for you to get into college .


I would of say to go to school sooner because it would help in the future if I would have started earlier in life that I can enjoy.


If I went back in time and I talked to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself that I need more scholorships. Student loans cover the primary resources and tuition. This does not cover any computer programs or equiptment necessesary to continue studies or properly turn in assignments. I would tell myself that I need to keep job that I had because it would become very difficult to find another one. I would tell myself that I would need a different degree than what I originally went for, because it would not help me get a job to take care of my special needs child. I would also tell myself that the study that I need to do will need to be done the first semester on campus and that I cannot change my degree until after that first semester. This way I would still meet my husband and have my son.


Allow yourself time to transition, a C is not the end of the world. Take time to refesh and regenerate, it is worth the different perspective. You will do better than you ever dreamed possible, others saw the potential that you could not see. Hang in there it does get tough, but you will know that you can do it and will survive. You will be that hope and encouragement that others need to see and have in their lives. Hold on tight you will find outr who you are and what you are made of, you will suprise yourself. You have wonderful talent and undreamed of potential. You cannot see the good and positive things that will transform the way you view yourself and the world around you. Be kind to yourself and others, most of all remain humble and teachacble. Be blessable.