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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I am working toward my goals of being self-reliant, setting a good example for my daughters and the ability to maintain a decent home for my family. I can achieve this through an education, determination and the support of my family. My education should not be a hardship on my family. However, we have all made sacrifices in support of my education, in the hopes of a better job and financial security. I want my children to know that with a higher education they can achieve their goals. I want to be able to support my daughters on my own, without the assistance of state support.


I would tell myself, the high school senior, to continue your education by going to college and don?t stop until you get the degree in a field of study that you feel is right for you. And no matter what, I?d say ?No B?s?. That means no Booze, no Boys and no Babies. No money for college is not an excuse because there are forces put into place to help students get the money for college education through grants, loans and scholarships. College life is very different from grade school in that the students who attend college are there because they have a desire to be there. And since it is very expensive to go to college, people want to get their money?s worth out of it. Once you have your degree you then become more of a valued employee because it shows that you have the stamina, the substance, the groundwork it takes to stick to a project or goal until completion and that?s one thing prospective employers look for in their employees.


i really dont know what i would tell myself. when i was in high school i was married and wasnt expectin to go back to school. but now that i am goin back to school i look back and i wished i would have prepared my self a little better, as in note takin, and takin a little more time to study. and as far as college life i would probaly tell my self dont listen to your husband when u start school u will be divorced with three kids and save all the money u can get your hands on.


Invest in yourself FIRST by concentrating on the degree. The journey begins and ends with only one course. Life is happier and more fulfilling if you pursue your passion. FINISH what you start and please do not let any one change your goal of walking out with a degree. Study a little in every subject every day for long-term memory. Never binge study. Prioritize every day and when times are hard, take a deep breath and don't ever give up. You are brilliant, intelligent, and make a difference in life. Take care of your surroundings for those who come after. If you need help, ask for it, and remember to be appreciative. If you can help others, do it. Mark successes, not time. Be proactive in your study, be positive, and if there are bad days, know that tomorrow is another day. Believe in the wonderful things you are capable of, and in the exciting field of your study. Try and see the professor's perspective and understand his/her teaching style to get more out of the class. Use the library or online resources. Be responsible to yourself and those who pay for you.