American InterContinental University-Online Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Everyone is friendly and also very helpful. They are willing to take the initiative to greet you as well. I love that the students are so driven to learn so it makes for an intellectual feel.


Everyone is very friendly. I could not ask for better peers.


I am a student who gets A's and B's. I am a student who study all the time and do my homework on time. I passes all my class projects in all my classes. I love reading and writing essay's because I would to be a book writer.


During our discussion board you get to know the other students. They for the most part are eager to hear my responses to their posts as well as I want the same from them.


They are awesome, They reminds me of myself meeting new classmates, having chats working on projects together, while learning about them in order to accomplish great outcomes.


I do online edcuation and I love the people I communicate with.


My classmates come from many different walks of life that allows them to bring a variety of experience to the classroom.


Lower educated.


My classmates are very supportive because most of them are in the same single parent household situation that I'm in.


My classmates seem to be very friendly and have some of the same academic goals and interests as me.


Very hard working, friendly/helpful and as the months have passed--everyone has become very professional and articulate.


Varying degrees of literacy.


I can assume that my classmates are all from different parts of the country and world. From what I can tell college students are very openmined, and i would assume more so are those who attend school online.


Diverse group of individuals that are willing to help out when there is a need.


My classes are online so therefore, my classmates are quiet.


My classmates are very much liked and very well caring for the success of fellow students.