American InterContinental University-Online Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Any student who decides to attend AIU Online, or anyonline school ,must be very disciplined and focused. There are many distractions that can occur during the course of their education. If a student is not strong in regards to their time management skills online schools can be vedrt difficult.


Someone who is not self motivated would not be good for this school.


Anyone who insists on attending a prestidious university.


anyone not focused and unable to motivate themselves. If you can't keep up with your studies don't waist your time.


I think a younger person fresh out of college shouldn't attend this college if that person isn't really focused and want to graduate bad from college. if that person wants to meet people then should go to different college I go to online college but they do have on campus which I hear is good for meeting people.


A lazy person shouldn't attend this school.