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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would say Tavares you have alot to look forward to College comes with a great opportunity to try new things. College is not forced or mandatory like attending High School. College is a choice that you make no one tells you to get up and go you have to make that choice. Expanding your knowlege is fun and exciting stay focused and work hard this is what will set you up for the future for a career. Enjoy yourself and Stay focused.


As a high school senior , on the cusp of my independence, I was not focused on the benefits of attaining a degree early in life. I was more concerned about my current job, looking for my own apartment and my immediate time frame and surroundings. Financially my parents were not in a position to support me so the talk of college was minimal. I filled out an application myself, with no direction or advice, and was turned down. I felt defeated and didn’t have the mentorship needed to look at my other options. Looking back, I now realize I took the hard road. I got married, had kids, and then returned to school. Now, at the age of 45, I am starting graduate school. I certainly would have told myself as a senior…”You are smart enough”…”This is your time”… and “Work now and play later”. I would have sought out the resources that were available to me to figure out the colleges that fit my profile and how to financially manage the costs. I would have emphasized…”you can have your independence while living on campus and attaining a college degree…it’s the key to freedom.”


If I could go back in time and talk with my high school senior self I would say, “listen to your mother.” She really told me that education never ends and I need to be prepared to face more challenges. I would have focused more on my computer graphic classes because it’s something that I really want to do now. I would tell myself that I will use that math again in some form or fashion. Definitely I would talk with my guidance counselor more and pay attention to deadlines and scholarships offered. I have always been involved in the community but I would get even more involved. I would want my old self to just know that being “an adult” takes work and effort. My mother makes it look easy and staying focused on your goals take determination. I would finally remind myself to know your wants and needs. Because I am in a need status now for school funds but my past wants haunt me.


Thomas, Right now all you are thinking about is how many days until you graduate high school. Over the last four years you have put forth the minimum effort required to squeak by in regards to your studies. I am here to tell you that it is never too late to take your education more seriously. I know that at this time you feel that you would not succeed at the next level. As your future self, I am letting you know that not only will you succeed in your college career, you will actually excel. With this in mind, my advice to you would be "Do not wait until it is too late to unlock your potential. Enroll in college, set your goals, reach for the sky and watch your life become the best it can be."


I would tell myself to make a descision and choose my major sooner than I did and to work towards that and not mess around as much coming out of highschool. It wastes time.


I would advise myself to be prepared for life's hurdles. Things come up that can hinder the college experience such as finances, starting a family early, and working. So, keep an open mind but at the same time don't be so niieve to think that all things will go as planned. Be ready to make mistakes, mistakes, and more mistakes until you get to a solution that works for you!


Dear Dezerae: You're a high school senior, so be active and join high school clubs. It will help you pay for college in the end. Work hard too, get that 4.0 GPA you are striving for, make up for the 2.5 you got in your freshman year. Practice for band lots, you love it so never give up. You can make honors band for your final year of high school. So, get at it, practice! Study and take that SAT/ACT. It will keep you out of remedial course work, which you'll have to pay for. You're smarter than you give yourself credit for. So, love your senior year, it's your last year of high school friends and your band family.


Stay in school and get good grades. A's make $$.


I would have taking the time to research a school. I would also would have studied better. I also would have taking the time to aplly to scholarships to help me pay for school.


Life is scary, uncertain and so is change. But don't let that be the reason that you second guess your abilities. No one is perfect and no one knows what or who they are at this age. College allows you to be in a semi controlled environment and learn about yourself and the world outside of where you were raised. There is nothing wrong with failure unless you don't get up and move forward and learn from it. But there is something wrong with never trying and hoping that things will just work out. Grab oppurtunity by the hand and run with it. What's the wort thing that can happen? Success!!! And that is scarier than failure.


I would tell myself to push myself a little harder. I would tell myself that my grades really are important and so is my attendance records.


I have just currently enrolled in college at American InterContinental University Online and start my classes on February 7th. Even though classes do not start until the 7th, I have been able to enroll in clubs and look at some of my classmates profiles. I am very excited to attend my classes as they will give me the education I need to earn my degree. I plan on earning my Associate’s Degree in Business Administration with a Concentration in Criminal Justice and then getting my Bachelor‘s Degree in Criminal Justice with a Specialization in Forensic Science. It will be very valuable for me to attend this school so I can fulfill my academic goals. My academic goals are to one day become an investigator and work in homicide. After I am an investigator for a few years, I plan on applying and going to F.B.I academy.


I have got more from my brief college experience than I ever imagined I would. I feel almost as if I have met a new person . I have always seen myself in a certin way, it seems like sometimes I am standing outside of myself looking...this is me I say to myself. I am not sure why I felt that it would be at the end of my college experience that I would feel like I had learned something, I have already learned so much. Valuable, that doesn't begin to be a big enough word to encompass what this experience means to me. This is a luanching pad, I am getting what it will take to go as far as I want to go. College is where people go to get further education to get the job they want. I admitt it is what brought me here, however, the self confidence, being made aware that I excell when I am pushed beyond what I thought was my limit.....I can not even begin . I am happy I made the decision to go to school, it was the right decision for many reasons.


I have gotten a much better understanding of the world around me and the people in it too--overall. I also persued and gained more specific information in Business and Computer Networking (as well as IT operation and funcitionality) as far as my majors are concerned. I just hope that somehow I can pay for it all--when the time comes. Thank you.


My college experience has allowed me to learn business skills that will prove valuable in my career, such as strategies on how to make a business successful. Because my University's program is accelerated, and as its campus is online, I have an opportunity to acquire work experience and quickly achieve a degree simultaneously. This is an advantage that will give me a head start in both my career and in life. I am considering running someday for public office. Using business knowledge obtained from my studies, and refined from using them during my career, I hope to have a positive effect on government policy, making it easier for people to live their lives. I believe that my college experience will become more and more valuable as my education continues, as will the knowledge and skills I obtain become more and more valuable as my career and life goals evolve, and as I develop as a person.


I graduated high school two years ago and have always wanted to attend Warren Wilson College but have been discouraged by the outrageous cost of tuition. I am very hopeful that my experience at Warren Wilson will help me succeed in the Peace Corps and other environmental and cultural opportunites that other colleges may not as successfully provide. I am hardworking and determined to raise as much money as I can to get into and through this school. Please help make my dreams come true!


After retiring from a company that did not recognize my scholastic achievement(s) and being deprived of promotional opportunities, I decided to continue my educational aspirations in the field of educational and it has prepared me to be more cognizant of of the problems we will face or are facing now if we do not prepare ourselves for being competitive in the ever changing global economy. Technology is ever changing and we need to embrace technology now. All children are cognitively, linguistically, and emotionally connected to the language and culture of their home. Intervention where inequities or mistreatment occurs demonstrates and insists on understanding mutual respect and acceptance of others and of others' differences in order to make good citizens of ourselves and others. A good education opens the door to our destiny and to being successful and we owe it to ourselves as recipients to make concerted efforts to place ourselves in positons or places where we can give back and make a difference. In achieving my goal/aspiration proves beneficial because of the sacrifices I made and the valuable contributions attained during my tenure which could not be met without the superb guidance and direction of faculty.


A college experience has given me a second chance at a future. Just two years ago, I barely graduated high school with an interest in joining the military. I didn’t have the funds to go to a good college. Instead of the military, I took two years off to do community service. As I tutored elementary students I learned a college education is just as important as passing the 3rd grade. It wouldn’t make sense for me to teach students how to read if I wasn’t doing the same. I have been in school for about 3 weeks. It has been one of my best decisions. I am officially happy and content with where my life is headed. I’m following my dream of being an Architectural-Engineer. I’m not only doing this for my students, but also for my biological, adopted and U of D Mercy family.


Being the first one in my family to graduate from college that in itself is a huge accomplishment for me. I have set the foundation and standard for the younger people in my family and have inspired older generations to continue with their education as well. Having my degree has allowed me to obtain a stable job and from this job I have purchased a home, car, etc. It has also allowed me to continue with my graduate degree. It has been extremely valuable to me to be able to continue with my education because without it there is no certainty as to where I would be. I intend on going as far as I can go with my education and consider myself a lifelong learner.


Attending a community college was definetly not part of my plan for my life after high school. I envisioned attending a four-year school where I could dorm and study while having a minimal social life. I wanted to meet different people and explore new horizons. I feel as though entering a community college has made me work harder because I feel ashamed to be there; being born in this country with no criminal record and not speaking english as a second language this excludes me from being in a community college.I will say I am ashamed but also determined to attend a four-year school. I will work really hard because believe me I know that I do not belong in a community college, I belong in the big leagues where I will be a leader among leaders.


What I have gotten out of my college experience is that I'm not afraid to speak in front of people anymore . The college life is diffrent from high school. The people here has no drama and they don't judge you for who you are . They are here to learn that all. Being in college I can choice what I want to major and be responsible for my own action as in getting to school on time and make sure I pass the class. The why it has been valuable to attend at an communtiy college is that being here help me afford to go to school without quiting school because I love going to school and if I have to work teo job just to put my self in school I will do it.


The training prepaired me for my carrer and I didn't have to spend too much time. I got the main meat and potatos of each class so that I could move on. I have met a few of my classmates and the college is always willing to help in the job search.


I got an amazing sense of accomplishment out of my college experience. When I first started my education I did not realize how much it would make me stretch and how much it would help me to get through some hardships that came after I graduated. I think, because I was able to attend an online college, it helped me to know myself better and helped me to rely on my own judgement. Soon after graduating (October of 2007) my family found out that my father needed a kidney transplant and in the initial testing found out that I was a near perfect match. I was able to donate a kidney to him exactly a year after graduating. While recovering I began to help a close friend of mine who was terminal with cancer. She died this past Memorial Day. I believe that putting myself through college first helped me to get through those two circumstances. They in turn have strengthened me to continue my education even further.


Out of my college experience I have gotten more comfortable in my own skin and feel the power of being educated. In excelling in school I have also gained the knowledge and ability to be confident, speak confidently, and most importantly I know I can always turn to education to better myself. I have learned that most things don?t come easy but I need be self motivated to mold my future. I have been taught with willingness, discipline and determination, hard work, and occasionally making sacrifices? with a can do attitude anything is achievable. Having an education makes things that are desirable in life more attainable. I have a deep appreciation for the educators that I have had the pleasure to work with. They have taught me more than just the contents of the textbook. They have shared many life experiences and words of encouragement with me to motivate me to do the best I can everyday. And everyday I do the best I can. I believe everyone has control of their destiny; I am taking hold of mine.


I think a lot of high school students have a sense that they should go to college, but they are not sure why and are not really fond of school. If this matches your thought then community college can be a good option. You can try out some college-level courses without committing years of your life and tens of thousands of dollars to the experiment. You can start thinking about your major while you are taking some GE classes with low cost. I know a lot of high school students do not know what they want to do for their future. This causes a lot of college freshman or sophomore students switch their major and start everything all over again because every major asks different courses as requirement.


Attending college had been one of the most educational and higher learning experience for me. When I left home the other students then became my brothers and sisters to where we have our ups and downs in college. With our ups and downs we get the strength to work together and also help each other out in our quest for knowledge. While the professor's became my parents, they are the structure that held me up, when I did not understand what needed to me done. The professors are also the ones to guide me in a direction to where it would prepare me to enter into the reality of the working class after I was finished with my AAS degree. It is Valuable to attend college because "education is the key to success", without an education I could not have been doing the things that I need to do. A reasonable amount students does not have the fundemantals of reading and writing skills in order to enter college. With there lack of knowlege they inturn would get low paying jobs and also live below the poverty level. t "knowledge is Power", the more you learn the more you know.


My name is Katelyn Wilson. My college experience started with the scholarship application process. I believe that in my hard work to pay for college, I did some growing up. I learned that if I work hard, I can achieve anything I set my mind to. Once I got to school, my whole world changed. I learned that high school, as it turns out, was easy. The classes were easier and the teachers had lower expectations. College has been tough, though that is to be expected. I have had some days where it seems as though I will never survive college. This feeling, however, has made my will to succeed even stronger. College has been valuable to me, in that it has made me as a person, stronger willed. I know that the harder I work, and the more effort I put in, the more I will get out of life.


My college experience has opened up a whole new world for me. A world filled with creative, talented, and beautiful people from around the world. Going to college online is very hard, as the courses are accelerated vs. a standard college class. Online has taught me to manage time, manage projects, and to manage family much better. Online College/education has given me a whole new perspective on life. Because of this I have been going to school online now working towards my MFA degree in Web Design and New Media. I wouldn't trade this experience for anything. I will be 60 years old in August, and now know, thanks to my college experience, we are never to old to learn.


I have gotten alot out of my college experience. Most of all I've gotten a second chance to make a better life for me and my 2 beautiful children. The education I will gain will help me to take care of them and give them the life they desirve. Especall my son David who is disabled. He has special needs and I want nothing more in the world than to be able to provide it for him. I also have a 1 year old daughter, Jaiden, who is the love of my life. To be able to give her everything she needs brings great joy to my heart. I would love to be able to send her to college someday. My college experience has been great so far and I am looking forward to the day I recieve my degree. To walk across the stage a see the smiling faces of my children, will be the greatest feeling in the world. I know it't a long way away, but I know I'll get there and that me and my family will be better because of it.


Having been away from high school for many years, and having had the opportunity to establish an excellent career, there are still some recommendations I would like to like to pass on to myself as a high school senior. Although I went straight from high school to college for a year and a half, I found myself dropping out of college to take care of my spouse, while he finished his education. At the time, this was acceptable, due to cultural norms. Today, as I look back, I would encourage myself to continue working towards my degree straight out of high school. Now that I have re-enrolled in college, I am learning a multitude of theories, practices and tools I could have used in my career. I used to think a degree was just a piece of paper that might earn me a higher salary. Now I realize that the content of my education can actually make my job easier and advance my knowledge in my field. I have the life experience to relate to all sectors of the public. Now I am adding a knowledge base to increase my effectiveness and am becoming a recognized professional by colleagues.


As a high school senior all you want to think about if finishing school, you're not thinking about what's next. College is only two steps ahead of you and so is your GPA score; final grades count! All through highschool you didn't think about your grades, didn't even know what a GPA was; well start asking questions. Some of the things you might want to know about are SAT's, GPA, scholarships, grants, and loans. I know you're not worried about them now but you will be when it counts! By then it'll be too late to fix anything. Your SAT score and your GPA play a big roll in life all they way throughout Grad School. Staying focused on school couldn't be more important right now. Now is your last shot to show school what you are made of. Your bright, young, and intelligent, so prove it. Show the world that you are a great student and you'll do what it takes to make the grade! Now is your time to shine like the bright young star you are. I believe in you and so does this world!


Do not let anyone or anything influence you. Even when you are exhausted and don't feel up to doing the work, push through. You will thank yourself in the end. What seems hard now, you will look back on and realize that it is not as bad as it seems. Don't procrastinate!! I know it seems easy to put work off until later, but later you will not feel like doing it. Do it now and enjoy yourself later. Last do not forget to take some time for yourself! All work and no play is no fun! Just make sure you get done what you have to and enjoy yourself the rest of the time. These are the best days of your life and you will remeber them forever!!!!


Well this is my third time in college. I would tell myself to go straight for my Bachelor's degree. Instead of spending the money on all the classes. The education is very worth it. But you end up with a lot of bills at the end. It is very hard to figure out what pathway to follow when you are a high school senior. You start out with one major and then change your mind multiple times. So if all that fustration could be avoided and you knew exactly what you wanted out of life. It would make life so much easier. Don't you think so?


When I was a Senior at the time I didn't think college was that important so I would tell myself that college is very important and getting that degree will take you places you won't be able to imagine. Enjoy all that the college has to offer and make every minute count. You will be amazed how good you will feel with a degree in your hand and be able to accomplish anything you want. Now that I have lived half of my life I wish that someone would of told me that and gave me the encouragement I needed then. I was so afraid to take that step into college life but my college advisor was so wonderful. She gave me all the encouragement I needed and she is still supporting me emotionally. I have made the dean's list with a grade point average of 4.0!


Don't put off going to college it is the most important thing in life to get anything in life. Set your goal on what you want to be in life and the go to college to get it . That way your kids can say hey my parents did it why can't I just look at what my parents have accomplished in their life.


I would tell myself that it is alot easier to transition to college when you are already used to going to classes and doing assignments. When you get older you tend to have more issues in your personal life, and other responsibilities that could get in your way. of completeing college. Also, you won't have to spend many years of your life in meaningless jobs that you dont really want to do before you wise up and finally follow your heart and make your dreams a reality. Do better for yourself, and the people around you that are important to you. Do right by yourself even if it is hard or complicated, and never give up.


I would tell myself to really pay attention in school and choose a school on their academics not on their social scene. I would tell myself to make sure that you know what major you want to go into and make sure you have the dedication that it takes to complete school. Do your research on schools and find the best possible match for yourself.


I pre-enrolled for college my senior year of high school and decided that I wanted to take a year or two of off before going to college. The very first thing that I would say is "stay enrolled in college! Don't wait , because that wait ended up lasting 15 years." As wonderful and glamorous as it was to serve food at night, on weekends and for every holiday - I could think of so many other jobs that I could have had if I had just resisted that urge to take a year or two off. I would plead with myself not to waste 15 years of my life working jobs that I hate, living day by day, with the amount of money I made left in the hand of people who all have different ideas regarding tipping policies. There are people out there that have managed to find great jobs without an education - but you never know where the economy is going to be and one day....that great job to be had, could come down to you and someone with a Bachelor Degree. Guess who gets the job?


First off I would advise myself to study, do as good as possible in high school. The world is changing and without a good education you usually cannot be a high achiever. College or campus life is a mixture of both learning and social events which help a person to achieve a good quality education providing they apply themselves and do not fall prey to the campus party life if attending a physical school. You should want to be a high achiever, do good, learn the most you are capable of learning while attending, but also have fun and enjoy learning new things.


Enroll for college while your still in high school and start early. Don't wait a couple of years between high school and college; it's hard to go back to school once you have been out. Make sure you take your ACT and SAT it will help you greatly when you go to apply for scholarships, grants, and also financial aid. Make sure you do go to college, it's going to be worth it in the long run. You will be able to get better jobs and make more money. So unless you want to work at Wal-Mart or a fast food place getting a college education is the best thing that you could ever do.


i would go and tell myself to apply for scholarships and grants early as possible even though you are not sure if your going or not. you should be more opened minded i see that you are never around your friend anymore you should get around more and make more instead of being by yourself all of the time. you should keep in contact with everyone once you graduate. goingto college would open alot of doors for you. it would be a good idea to go to college with your friends. but since you think your not going soon as you graduate fill out college applications anyway just to see what the college would say as you were to go just to make yourself feel good in seeing that they would want you to attend thier school. even though you dont see it now but eventually you are going to want a better job by the time you realize it the time for you to go to school will be past and you wont be able to keep up with your class mates.


If I went back in time to talk to myself I would tell me to try to sutdy harder and longer your future depends on doing good in high school. To stay focus on your school work and to join more clubs at high school. socialize with students better and improve on your speech skills will be important because will be making speeches in college and through your choice of career choices. I would also tell myself to do more research on a career I want and try to figure out what I am good at and ask my mother and friends their advice on picking a career. I would also ask the high school cousnleor to help me pick a career choice since I am having hard time picking one. Be motviated, confindent, friendly, sure of yourself and believe you can make a difference in the world. Get involve in volunterring will be important when a college decides if it will pick your or not and always have a dream and never let any stop you from making that dream a reality. set your goals no matter what happens in your life!!


First and for most , no one ever said challenges in life was going to be easy. We all face life expectancies some good, some hard, and some just plan stressfull. However there is no better feeling then the one of accomplishments. If you lesson to your mind your future success could rate low, but if you lesson to your heart your life decision could be worth while. You don't want to wake up one morning many years from now with regreats, saying "what if? I wonder? or Is it to late?". It is time to stand strong, reach for the stars of success. You can do it, you can achieve it, and bottom line YOU CAN!!! that is the key word to success. When you set goals for you future no one or nothing sould discourage you from focusing on your goal. You can do anyting that is in your heart and anything you put your mind to and don't ever forget that. Your Life Is In Your Hands, now go for it and do not look back; I repeat " Do Not Look Back ". I wish all the best for life's success.


Never ever let someone convince you that your weaknesses are more than your strengths. You are a brilliant if not somewhat fractured spirit who can be the voice for many that struggle as you do. However what you can do today will make a difference for someone tomorrow. My promise to you is that your struggles have not been without future accomplishment. So when you are ready and you will one day be ready, you will succeed beyond your wildest dreams. everything


If I could go back in time, I would tell myself to think big and dream big. I would give myself a hug and tell myself to walk away from my home and all of the abuse and to start a new life with my head held up high. To leave behind the notion that college is only for men and that woman don't need an education because their place is only in being someone's wife and having children. That education is equivalent to freedom, because when you have an education you can have a career, and with a career you can make choices based on dreams and not on fear. I would tell myself that even though the whole world as I know it at that moment tells me I'm not good enough and I will never succeed, I am not to listen because I AM good enough and I CAN do anything I put my mind to. Break the patterns, create a new reality and make your wildest dreams come true. I believe in you.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself everything there is to know about applying for financial aid and getting assistance to go to school. I would tell myself to not worry about circumstances now, but to plan for my future and my happiness. That I am allowed to be happy and that everything will work out perfectly in the end no matter what decisions I make.


i would have went to college and not though twice about it.


Stay in school now while your young!


I should have done it a long time ago.I mean i should have started college a long time ago.


I wouldn't have any advice to give to myself. I don't know if I would even want to take the chance to speak to myself. This is something I've wondered for a long time during highschool, and I always have known what it is that I've wanted to do, that is working in the fitness industry with high-end experience in Kinesiology. I am well on my way towards that right now and I would not want to stray away from it.