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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Unforunate, I didn't complete high school , however I did go back to school and recieved my G.E.D . I believe that this has made it easier to give myself the advice on the transition to college. I would tell myself to take everything that school has to offer, because time flies fast and before you know it you will be older. I have learned that the older you are when you trying to get an education it get more difficult. the learning part is not that difficult it is the means in which you get the education. What I am saying is I now have a family that I am the sole provider, I have no outside help and in order for me to get the education I seek I have to work in the day and go to class at night. There isn't a lot of money after meeting all my bills and time spent with my kids is little to none. I know that if I had entired college when I was younger I would have had the support I need to make college a bit easier. So my advice would be stick with it.


the advice that i would give my self is to get ready buckle up and get ready for the best time of my life.being organised ,determined and ready to study is another thing.Follow your dreams. Keep your goals in view. Live the life you want to live and do whatever it takes to make it happen. Don’t allow fear to consume you;instead let it propel you forward.Celebrate the successes no matter how small because small success can be just as sweet as the big ones. Stay positive because negativity can kill your dreams and prevent you from reaching your goals .live each day with your priorities in mind and study study staudy .the most important thing that i would give myself is to strive to be happy not perfect.


So far out of my college experience I have learned alot of information pertaining to many different subjects. In high school and elementary school I was never good at math and I always hated math class but in college I worked hard with my teachers and they helped me out a lot and now I have A's in math which today that even amazes my father. I like the fact that you can choose your own path to take depending upon your major and college classes really help you understand fully each class that your taking and I think college is something that everyone should experience atleast once because it really helps you get prepared for the real world.


The maximum earning out of college is my increase of knowlegde of the field. I als learn to love what I do, and to express myself trough it. The value of an education is in the formation of a character and wisdom, during my years at college I learn to listen, observe, learn and never to judge.


I would tell myself not to slow down. All of the resources I need are in front of you. Just be patient and go. Becoming distracted will only through you back further, Learn Balance and Patiences. Disclipine is learned when you learn yourself. College does that for you.