American National University Top Questions

What should every freshman at American National University know before they start?


Never give up! Stay in school and pay attention. Don't wait or procrastinate to go to college. Fly high and remember the world is at your finger tips. Only you can put your dreams on hold, so press play and run!


While attending this college, I have gotton plenty of knowledge that helps me now at my current job. Since I started attending this coolege, I have been put in line for a promotion at my current job where before I wouldn'r of been considered.


I have learned how to be independent and how to schedule my time. College is great, I have made new friends and each day I am getting closer to achieving my dream of being a paramedic and helping people. College is a challenge and I have found the cost very stressful to think about but through financial aid and saving my money I hope not to be in debt with student loans for very long. This semester I was able to avoid student loans and I hope to continue to be able to pay as I go. It just means foregoing things like movies and going out and means living very conservatively.


What i have got out of my college experience is a lot of knowledge I never knew before. I could barley type when I started and now i can type 50+ words a minute. I leared so much at National College, not only about how to work computers and type, but also how to get a job, keep a job and become an outstanding employee. They have taught me a lot of paitence too.


To go when you first graduate and not wait till you know that you have to go. Working full time and going to school isnt the easiest thing in the world./


My advice to myself is have a plan and stay focused on that plan. Explore opportunities, and know that if its not beneficial its ok to let it go and that failure isn't finality. Getting through college at your age will be more rewarding in the long run. Don't forget to have some fun along the way. Stay positive and focused!


I have had many experiences with education since graduation high school that I wish I would have had prior. For me, the transition from high school to higher education was particularly tough. I had never really seen myself as a college student and therefor I did not try my best in highschool. In all areas except for math, I did the minimum requirement to pass high school. If I had understood the importance of my grades in high school back then, I would be in a better position now. Not only would the higher GPA assist me with qualifying for more grants and scholarships for college, but I would also have been more motivated to go straight from high school to college. I did not seem to think back then that an education was all that important to my future. I know different now and am eager to learn as much as I am capable of. There are so many experiences and lessons that I failed to learn in high school because of my stubborness to learn or care about my future.


I would tell myself that college is not as scary as it seems, and do what makes you happy instead of trying to please everyone else around you. I'd say that even though it's expensive, it will all be worth it in the end, and you will be able to pay for it! Take a deep breath and relax, and you'll make it through.


I know that if I could change back time I would change many mistakes that I made3 in my life time. I have done some online college and because I missed the last week before I was able to graduate I wasn't able to graduate and was dropped. So know I owe for school loans and everything. I can't even get my credits transfered due to owing on my school loans with Everest College Online. There was another mistake in my lifetime that I made I wish I could turn back and change that mistake for everything. I wish that I could of tried to get help with scholarships so that way I wouldn't have to be in this situation with the colleges.