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Describe the students at your school.

I wish campus was more racially diverse. It seems to be largely East Coast white kids, especially from PA, NY, and NJ (granted, I'm guilty of being one of them). Racial groups tend to be insular. Politically active students are predominantly leftist, although the College Republicans are also vocal on campus. I could imagine it might be difficult to be a conservative student on campus. I think American is more financially diverse than other schools because a lot of students are on generous financial aid.

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Not a lot of diversity. Anyone who is trying to learn about other cultures from classmates and floor mates is wasting their time at AU. People usually dress very casual clothing to classes, even though a lot show up in suits and business attire if they have internships before the class. Greek life is AMAZING :) Most AU students are from the East Coast, meaning NY, NJ, and PA. Most AU students are politically active. It is a very liberal campus. Gay population is huge.

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Very diverse, very welcoming, very inspiring.

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