American University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


Nothing much at all it is mostly a ordinary univeristy.


At American University, I have been accepted into the School of Public Affairs Leadership Program. This is a competitive four year program which teaches leadership through class lectures, social action projects, and internships that each student must work for. Though the program is incredibly competitive, it challenges me while I am surrounded by other passionate undergraduate students. Ultimately, this program brings together students with a passion for social change while teaching the essential virtues needed to be an effective leader.


We have a great career center and connections for various internships.


Good school, I'm getting really good education comparing to the school I transferred from. I like how my professors make up time if needed to help me with my projects. Also, I feel safe on campus and like the atmosphere there; I don't live on campus but wouldn't mind living there if I can afford it. Overall, I'm proud to be a student at American University.


I brag about the fact that I was accepted to American University. I am currently waiting to attend school here in the Fall of 2013 as a junior. I am very proud of the fact that I was accepted and I am very proud of the reputation that current students have in the business world. I cannot wait to be a proffesional in the international business world making a difference in the global economy.


Our School of International Service. Great professors, great building, and located in the perfect city to be studying the material. The opportunities that come with being in SIS are amazing and I love to brag to my friends about all the cool things that I get to do (i.e. go to Kenya for spring break).


It's in a really cool city, Washington, D.C. So it's fun to take the Metro and go to ethnic restaurants and go shopping. The professors are good too. I enjoyed my literature classes a lot. Some of the other classes were good too, like history and anthropology.


To study International Relations you muct live in Washington DC. It is all about politics here. The opportunities are endless for internships and jobs during and after school. Nerworking is an art here and we all learn howto do it.


I have spoken with many High School seniors about American University, and the thing that I am most enthusiastic about is the political involvement of the University. Often times, I list the politicians and others celebrities that are politically involved that have come to our school and talked as well as shared their experiences with students. I also stress the location, which is far enough from the city as to not be distracted, but at the same time the city is very accesible. Lastly, the staff at American University are both credible and involved.


I brag about the location of American University. I love how close it is to the center of Washington D.C where so many important things happen. Location and the general college atmosphere make AU a great place to study politics and international relations, as well as any other academic interest.


The fact that American University has a beautiful campus, while still being in the city. It's great having that college feel, but still being able to enjoy the available resources, jobs, and activities that the city has to offer.


I tell my friends that our men's basketball team has won the Patriot League tournament for the past two years and has gone to the NCAA tournament for the past 2 years as well. Last year I was able to join the team in Philadelphia for the tournament as part of the school's pep band. Paid, excused classes and hotel room for 2 nights stay there all on the university. Through this experience I gained a lot of school spirit and a better connection and friendships with the other members of the pep band.


I mostly brag about the city of Washington DC, not about American. For example, I was very proud of my attendence to Obama's inaugeration. I also brag about all of the opportunities I have living in Washington DC, both academically, career wise, and socially.


That I live in Washington, D.C. and as such, have access to an incredible resource in terms of internships and networking.


I brag about the fact that my school is in DC. I got to go to the Inauguration of Obama. I also brag about the fact that my boyfriend is in a fraternity.


I live in the nation's capital. What could be better?


Location, quality of the professors, internship opportunities.


How great the professors are, location, diversity, laundry notification by email


I love being in a city and all the awesome things I can do every day of the week


The kinds of guest speakers we get, the location, the parties (only in Greek life)


The quality of my friends and the ease of double major. I am also able to take classes in my intended field very early.


There are endless opportunities at this school because of the city it is. People are able to pursue their career of choice and receive a lot of support from the faculty to do that. In addition we are able to go to very prestigious places in the city while having amazing guest speakers.


I probably brag the most about the location. American is in the Chevy Chase suburbs but we have our own metro stop so we can literally get anywhere in the city within 15 minutes. Georgetown shopping is a short bus trip away. The White House, the monuments, Congress are all so close. There is always something to do and because we live in a city, opportunities are endless for internships and career possibilities. American makes it easy for students to access the city with shuttles to and from the metro.


All the incredible opportunities because of living in the nations capital.


The oppoturnities for internship in the public and private sector is almost unmatched. Career counselors work with you to get Capitol Hill, White House, legal, medical, and a variety of other internships. The value of internshps on your resume is unbelievable and most people I know complete several internships throughout their undergraduate career.


Small class sizes. I am on a first-name basis with most of my professors and classes are so small that they are much more often conversation than lecture.


how many cool places i can go to (smithsoinian, zoo, ect.) and all the cool events (obama speaking at my school, going to see the dali lama speak ect.)


I brag that my school made it to the NCAA tournament! Just kidding. I like to tell people about how diverse AU is, and how it allows one to experience cultures many will have never experienced. Being from a rural state, I find these things and the sheer fact of life in a major city to be facinating and very enjoyable.


We're the number #1 most political campus in country. I'm not a political science major but it's still nice to be surrounded by well-informed, passionate people who are always willing to talk/argue/fight about politics.


AU is in the best city in the country, and we have access to damn near everything within a ten-minute metro ride. All of our grads go on to do awesome things. And our study abroad program? Rocks my world.


Its in the perfect location for people learing to live in a new city.


the diversity


The academics and the carreer placement. Also...the arts center, the location...everything!


The fact that is it located in one of the world's msot inetresting cities -- Washington D.C.! The internships, like one I have at an Embassy, are amazing. The architecture, people, night life, shopping, cultural events, and academ centers are first class. I also brag about the changing seasons, awesome professors, interesting, diverse student body, and beautifully landscaped campus.


I was able to book all the big name bands that came my senior year.