American University Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at American University?


We're stereotyped to be a predominantly female, left-of-center campus.


stuck up, socially responsible


Everyone here is at least a little bit into politics. If you weren't before you came here, you are now. Also, just about everyone here majors in international relations.


American students are typically perceived as strongly liberal, wealthy, white East coasters. Some people assume everyone's radical due to the tendency of AU students to be politically inclined.


Everyone is white and generally wealthy


all the boys are gay, the students are ugly, the students are just kids who got rejected from georgetown, everyone is very politically active.


I remember hearing that students at American are very politically involved and active. I also heard that there are a lot more girls than guys.


That every student is politically active and motivated. That American students like to drink. That there is a division between Democrats and Republicans. That there is a strong liberal presence (hippies).


There is a lot of comparisons made between American and Georgetown. Many people think that students at Georgetown are better; however, the students at American are equally as bright and talented.


The students don't party enough. Greek life at AU sucks.