American University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend American University?


A Wonk.


American University is a great institution for individuals who are interested in politics, government, and international issues. It is a small but beautiful campus that is accessible to downtown DC. If you are a person who loves to get to know people from all different countries, cultures, and backgrounds American University is the perfect place to study. The faculty takes time to make sure you learn and have the opportunity to meet people in your field of interest while also creating a confortable place to share ideas and learn new things.


Someone who has a passion for the study of politics and international studies. A person who goes to school to learn and to challenge the frontiers of their field. Also, someone who wants to be in the service of others, whether in government or in the private sector. Also, someone who will take advantage of oppurtunities not only on campus, but those in Washington DC. Those who are curious to explore new things in their field should go to American University, because it is an institution that fosters discovery, learning, and innovation.


Anyone wishing to study Internation Relations, Communications, or Political Affairs will thrive at American University. However, American University's opportunities and locations make it a great school for any student.


A person should attend this school if he or she is firm in his or her convictions or beliefs; tolerance has its faults.


Anyone remotely interested in government, politics, international relations, or public affairs should definitely consider AU. It is a very politically active campus. The professors are very carying and accomodating, and the educational quality overall is generally very good. The location is the best of both worlds, because you get the small campus feel, yet you are located minutes from the nation's capital.


A person who is motivated in all aspects of their life, hard working, and able to take leadership. At American University we strive for successful young adults that can leave after their stay here and be successful in whatever they do.


The type of students who should attend Florida State are party kids and those looking to coast through college.


The kind of person who should attend American University needs to be passionate about their studies, interested in utilizing all of the resources offered, and sure of what they want to do in life. American University is the place for someone interested in politics and international relations, not someone who does not know what they want to do or is interested in science or math.


A student who is driven and dedicated is the ideal student for American University. One who is responsible and able to manage their time efficiently is one that would thrive at this university.