American University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


People who will ie to be politically involved in future career.


American University is a wonderful school. However, it is very expensive. American University is not known for their sciences, but rather their School of Internatational Services and School of Public Affairs. It is a great school to attend if you know that you want to study in one of these schools, in the School of Communication, economics, history, and other related majors. However, there are students who study science at American University. That said, anyone who is completely undecided may not thrive at American University, since their concentration is towards International Relations and Political Science.


A person who is a flake or does not want to live in DC.


Someone looking for the sorority or fraternity focused social life. While we have greeks on campus, and the people who are involved enjoy it, its a small population, and people involved with greek life do other activities on campus as well.


American University is a strongly politically inclined school, so anyone who is easily annoyed by political discussion should not attend. Also, students should be prepared for a good amount of coursework which requires strong self motivation.


People who would struggle at this school socially are females that are boy-crazy. With just below a 35{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} male population, of whom 15{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} are gay, there are not many males to pick from. Someone who cannot handle cold weather would not be able to attend this school. Here, it seems the weather had no limitations! Anyone who is easily intimidated cannot attend this school. With some of the smartest people around the country, intense professors and very wealthy students, other persons may feel sub-par at times which could affect their concentration on the most important thing- their education.


A student looking to attend a big, state university where their professors won't get to know them well.


one conservative or who finds it difficult to break out of their shell or be themselves


Someone who should not attend AU, would be one that is not open to other peoples opinions, city lifestyle, elitiest mentality, and conservative politics.


If you are close minded and unwilling to learn about other ideas and cultures and consider yourself to be prejudice, American University is NOT the school for you.


People who aren't interested in politics or being involved on campus.


People with strong conservative beliefs because the school is very liberal and quite biased. Expressing your non-liberal opinion can land you in a hot spot or even a bad grade. If you are from the South, people will make fun of you all the time, this is a warning. The school, from students to professors, are very liberal and like to express themselves in strange ways


Any one who isn't open to a diverse group of people.


A very staunch conservative expecting to find others with similar beliefs


It's not the college experience you expect, the social seen surround clubs in D.C., so students should be ok with suburban feel in a bigger city.


A person who dislikes a city environment should not attend this school. Also, someone who is not tolerant of diversity should not attend.


You shouldn't attend this school if you are closed minded. Also, it is on the expensive side so always keeping finances in mind is a good idea.


Peole that want to float through college should not attend American university. This school guides its students to some of the best jobs however you can not breeze right through. American also has a zero tolerance policy so if your into a lot of drinking and drugs American is really not the place for you. People who dont like city environments, American is right inside Washington DC so there is the nations capital at a students doorstep so your not into cities I wouldnt go to AU.


People who are not open-minded; people who do not like to be surrounded by people who disagree with them, including professors. This applies especially to political conservatives. The campus is politcally active across the spectrum but leans far to the left. People who do not like politics or who get tired of talking about them will be bored in certain classes. Anyone who ever thought they definitely wanted to go to a big state school and enjoy watching huge football games should not come here.


No one should attend this school if they are looking for a strong social life on campus, sports, great greek life or school spirit.


Anyone who wants a lot of school spirit, easy-to-find social life, and/or conservative collegiate experience should look elsewhere.


If you are interested in mathematics and science, I would probably look elsewhere. AU is a very liberal arts-based university and is incredibly focused upon writing abilities. Those who are interested in getting heavily involved in greek life may want to look at another university. I am a part of Alpha Phi Omega, however our campus does not provide on campus housing for greek life. If you are not interested in politics this is definitely not the school for you. AU is extremely outspoken when it comes to this subject and heated discussions about politics are often brought up.


A person who is focused on school and wants to do well. This school is really great for it's international relations program, so it would be helpful to be interested in it but is good in all other areas as well.


People who don't care about their schooling or about being involved.


A person who does like city life or who is unwilling to try new things should not attend American University.


People who are competitive, like being lost in a crowd, don't enjoy diversity, don't enjoy politics, and don't appreciate social activism


Someone who doesn't like greek life or who enjoys school spirit and sports.


If you hate to go out and do things off campus, this probably isn't the best school for you. There are always activities on campus but Washington, DC, has a huge number of museums and landmarks. I've been here for 2 years and I haven't come close to seeing all of them. Everything is easy to get to so there's no excuse to stay on campus all day. And it's nice to get off campus and away from the stress of school work.


Some one who is close minded and doesn't want to meet people different from themselves.


Super conservatives or people that can't stand to be around homosexuals or are very closed-minded.


Some one who wants to be at a school with a lot of school spirit.


Students that are afraid to learn how to use public transportation, and who aren't self motivated enough to join in with groups they're interested in.


If you are not into fashion and/or politics, you should not attend this school.


If you are looking for a large university and want to meet lots of people do not come here. The school feels very small. If you want to graduate without student loans, do not come here, its very expensive. If you do not like to drink, do not come here. If you are female and want to meet straight males in college, do not come here, the school is 65{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} female with a very large gay population. If you don't like politics or are not willing to learn about them, do not come here.


Someone who is looking for a big, conservative school.


AU is in the process of ascending through the college tiers; anyone who is not ready for an academically rigorous schedule should not attend. Also, anyone who is extremely close minded or conservatively oriented might want to reconsider.


A close-minded person would have no place on this campus. There are constant discussions going around whether it be about politics, religion, or minor beliefs about the school system; if a person is going to come into these conversations with one answer on his/her mind and no patience to hear and learn others' ideas then he/she would be most uncomfortable and unhappy.


They only people who should not consider coming to this school are those who are not open to different people.