American University Top Questions

What should every freshman at American University know before they start?


Do what you always do. That would be the advice to myself. I have never been a bad student i just choosed to focus on things differently. Only real advice would be to tell my self to focus on what is important. Understanding is the key to my fututre. Through out high school I had a tendency to not be concenr on grades or gpa. I had no direction in life until now. Everything i need was right in front of me back then and now it takes myself to relise that. I would have been capable of much more while younger if only i had someone to guide me through my confusing life.


Understanding the concept of independence is harder than you realize. You’ve always been an independent daughter and student—never asking for help, because you were determined to figure it out on your own, but in college, you need a different kind of independence. Learn to take time to learn more about yourself. Don’t be afraid to let go of relationships you’ve had in the past. While they helped you become who you are, there is nothing wrong with outgrowing people. College is a time for you—not anyone else. It's okay to let go of people, but look for help when you need it; whether that help you need is financial, emotional, or academic, because looking for help does not make you weak; it makes you stronger and teaches you to be honest with yourself. Tell your family how much you love them every single day, because while you were younger and enjoyed being independent, you did not realize that the day would come that all you were looking for was a hug from mom and an “I love you” from dad. Finally, remember, it is okay not to rush your life. Act your age.


Hey, you. Yeah, with the face. You might think you're political, but just wait until you get to AU. The debates never end. In fact, you'll get so sick of politics that you'll end up majoring in psychology. And, you know what? You will love it. You will wonder why you didn't start with it. However, do not feel regret. The journey towards your goal is often greater than the goal itself. In the end, you choose to live in a beautiful, amazing city because of something you are passionate about. And even though your passion will change, and it may change again and again after that, you will never stop loving the city and the people in it.


Oh my dear, stop stressing! You will have no trouble choosing a college when the time comes, you will be able to manage everything you want to do. Don't listen to everyone that's telling you that you can't possibly handle a full course load, riding, playing your oboe and being on the newspaper. Oh and you will get a job that you are going to love! Classes are going to teach you so much more than just what is in their syllabus. You're going to make some amazing new friends, your heart is going to get broken (but don't worry, it gives you a lot to write about). Your first roommates, not so great, but your second set are FABULOUS. You won't sleep through your classes, your professors love you and you will find a place for you. Most importantly, don't worry about your grades. Do your best, but they don't determine your worth. Good luck with the rest of high school. By the way you get to give a speech at graduation! Happy senior year darling! Just wait until you see this new world that's waiting for you! Good luck!


If i could go back to my high school years I would make sure that I planned for my time in college. I moved to Washington, D.C. after visiting American University once and falling in love with the campus and the city. I would remember that college is a time for learning and exploring and to make sure that I made the most out of those four years. I would certain I studied abroad for a semester or a summer and looked into different cirricular areas. I would have made sure to join more organizations and maybe even greek life. Most of all I would have not worried so much about finding a job and really taken in my senior year of college without worrying about taking the LSAT's. I think my college experience was unique because I moved across the country for college but I know that American University was the right place for me because of the friends I have made, contacts I have kept, and the education I received.


Senior year without a doubt was one of the best years of my life. Prom, graduation, senior trips, senior retreat and bonding with friends basically consume the soon-to-be high school graduate. With so much going on, the importance of maintaining good grades and more importantly researching and making the best decision on where to go to college can often be clouded with all these social events. Most seniors don't exactly know what they want in a college, and that's perfectly fine. But it is so vitally important to do your research and look into whether or not a college has all the possible majors that you could possibly want to major in, because chances are, you will change your major on average three times. Believe in yourself, challenge your normalities, seek diversity and look for those doors that will give you the most success. Apply to all your reach schools and go to the best school you can, it will pay off. Regardless of where you go, it's you that will make your college experience; be open to everything, get involved as much as you can and be a friend to everyone.


I would tell myself that it is important to be open minded. Being open minded is what leads to various positive impacts. Open mindedness in college leads to you being aware of things that you should take advantage of, such as office hours of your professors. Office hours are times of not only asking about certain quesitons you may have about the course, but also your future plans. Open mindedness is what allows you to be engaged in your major. If you are not engaged in major, where you do not know of what oppurtunities to take advantage of, such as research oppurtunities, internships, and research conferences. Then you are destined to fail in your field. That is why if I were a high school senior and I had been in a time where I experienced college life, I would tell myself to be open minded. Because, if you are not open minded, then you are not going to suceed in college or life.


The advice I would give to myself would be to attend college promptly after high school. Your chances of actually going to college could potentially be decreased if you postpone attending for any length of time. Not to mention, you don't want to end up stuck in some dead end job making minimum wage for 10 years simply because a "promised" promotion to management sounded great at the time. Your education is detrimental to having an actual career in the field of work you desire. Furthermore, the longer you wait to attend college, the more likely you are to forget pertinent information. For example, many people forget basic algebra skills and have difficulty passing the placement tests to get into college. Rather than risk a loss of important and necessary knowledge needed for college courses, you should attend college directly after high school. In other words, do not delay! It is essential to your future and I promise you will not be disappointed in the decision to attend college immediately after high school. In fact, you will be glad you did it.


College is more than about how your life in the future will be. You need to think about how you want to spend the next four year before you think about the next twenty. I know you don't know what you want to do, and that is okay you will change your mind even when you think you have figured it out. Go to a school that will challenge you, but not break your bankand that will offer you every opporunity you deserve, but not make you unhappy. No matter how expensive it may seem at the time, tour the school! It really shows you the atmosphere of the place and offers you insights that you otherwise would have been blind to. This is not meant to be a short process--do not rush. Just breathe and find a place you will be happy and succesful at. Whatever you choose, as long as it is 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} your choice , you will do great.


I would tell myself that college is a big transition, and it will be very scary. I would also tell myself not to sweat the small stuff and to be sure to look at the bigger picture when making decisions. I would be sure to reassure myself that it was all going to be ok. Additionally, I would tell myself not to procrastinate, because staying up all night is never worth it, and starting off a semester sleep deprived is not the key to success. I would remind myself that planning out my work and making a homework schedule is a great way to stay on top of my work and make sure everything gets done. Finally, I would reassure myself that talking to professors when there are issues or if I am struggling is never a bad thing, and to not be ashamed to reach out and ask for help.