American University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about American University?


The tuition. The school may give you a lot of financial aid but you will have problems with AU central regardless. They are not transparent in their budget and the price keeps rising.


Well, I would say the friendliness of most of the students - I found it hard to befriend students there. Also, the high tuition that I'm borrowing from friends and relatives to afford it. Otherwise, I love the American University


The powers that be in American University seem disconnected from the student body. Things seem to be done behind closed doors and in secret and when students are consulted, our input doesn't seem to matter all that much. It would be nice if we were taken seriously, considering the type of students taht American University attracts.


This school is rediculously expensive! Also, they expect very high academic performance, along with a well-balanced amount of extra-curricular activities and communithy involvement.


The Financial Aid Office is employed by workers who don't want to be there, don't care about students and robotically answer questions. Students seeking financial assistance are sent away in the masses, and individual cases are not examined. When it comes to financial aid, every student is a number - and not a person. No matter how good their grades, how active they are on campus, and how much they contribute, financial aid is refused to many students who need it.


the lck of campus cohesion among students


The Book Store never has what I need.


The process for registering for classes can be stressful. It's kind of a "free for all" in that the more credits you have, the earlier you get to register. So a lot of times you can get locked out of classes you want to take.


the financial aide office. you have to scream and yell at them to get even the smallest loan out of them. this school is corrupt and wastes money. they jack up tuition without warning and for no reason. there is a lot bureaucracy also. you have to fight to get what you want. the school advisors like to trick students about what classes to take so they end up taking more than they need. there is so much red tape here and im sure the president is stealing money out of the school funds


Probably the meager financial aid packages and the lack of large amounts of minority students, especially african americans and latinos. also, the school focuses a lot on women/gender studies and international studies but doesn't seem to put much emphasis on multicultural studies about ethnic minorities in america.