Anderson University-Anderson, IN Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Anderson University is a welcoming and engaging private christian university that provides an exemplary academic experience if you are one who goes out and searches for knowledge and has the drive to excel, otherwise you will find it stagnant and uninspiring.


Anderson University is a great Christian school that allows you to get the degree you want, while having fun and meeting amazing new people.


Anderson University is a place where faith, ideas, community, and diversity meet and great things happen to effect Anderson, Indiana and the world.


The school is very out going and wanted students to get involved.


Anderson University is a school of intense experience with professors that make you think and question thoughts and theories you would never be exposed to otherwise.


Anderson University is a christian liberal arts school that teaches and gives opportunites to experience real life experiences in their major and prepare each student for their future career.


A friendly place were i feel welcome and accepted, and where i feel like i am getting an education that will help me succeed in my future goals.


AU is a perfect place to study and get closer to your faith.


Anderson University is an open, caring, Christian community that strives to put Christ first in academia and faith.


Friendly, upbeat people. However, the school and students are not tolerant of contrary lifestyle choices or different religious beliefs. Modest constervatives best describes the majority of students and school beliefs. Lots of extra-curricular activities.


A friendly, Christian school that values its students, and desparately wants its students to succeed.


Christian environment with loving and caring individuals who want to help you grow academically and spiritually.


A fun place that needs to offer more activities on weekends; overall an ok college experience but could be better.


Anderson University is a liberal arts school dedicated to life-long learning and fostering a strong and deveoped Chistian life, so that we can of service to the church and to the world around us.


Focused on academics, small, friendly, beautiful.


Friendly with many service opportunities but students are often intolerant of those whom express their faith in ways that don't fit the norm.