Anderson University-Anderson, IN Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I am a very adventurous person, so a downfall for me about Anderson University is that it is only 15 miles away from my hometown. Besides being close to home, Anderson University's food is not a perk for me. I am a healthy eater which is hard to maintain while attending Anderson University. Anderson University only offers three locations to purchase food, which I believe is not enough options. Also, Anderson University is a great school to recieve an education, but some of the classrooms and facitlites are not as modern as larger universities.


The worst thing will depend on your major, because your major will impact our perspective. As an elementary education major, the worst thing about AU is the limited communication within the School of Education. Some professors have no clue what is going on or what the current requirements and expectations are. This lack of communication carries over to the students, as we do not know what is expected. When they do communicate, it is often in spurts. At this time they give too much information to handle responsibly. If it was spread out, it would be better for everyone involved.


I believe that the worst thing on school is our food. It is okay but way to expencive for the nasty for that it is. We have three food places on campus, but i would almost rather go spend money on food i want to eat. It is also unhealthy.


The worst thing would have to be the food. The cafeteria does not offer the greatest selections-especially those trying to watch what they eat.


The food.


The worst thing about my school is that it can sometimes be like a glorified high school environment, with a lot of emphasis on the jocks and the cool cliques... so try to avoid the dramatic people and just focus on your own circle of friends and your studies and you will be fine.


It's expensive because it's a private school.


It is a liberal Christian school but sometimes the rules and things we were not allowed to do seemed to hurt my college experience and frustrate me.


The food selection. A lot of it is greasy or unhealthy.


One of the worst things about my school is that often times people have secret lives. Because we sign a contract at the beginning of our time at Anderson saying that we will not drink alcohol, we are then expected to follow that. Most people find it difficult and break their contract and have to keep quiet when talking about their weekends in fear that someone might over hear and report them to administration. However, there are very few people who are actually out to get others, so tattling is very rare.


No drinking rule


There is not a huge sense in pride with the school's athletic teams and the athletes that come in don't always provide a community based atmosphere.