Anderson University-Anderson, IN Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Anderson University welcomes any one willing to attend. However, because it is a faith based university, some students might feel uncomfortable with some of the rules and chapel requirements.


I would say people who are not friendly or who are looking for a party environment should not attend this school.


A person who is not willing to align themself with the values of the school should not attend it. The school has a firm no alcohol policy whether the student is over 21 or not, so students who do are not for this policy may not want to attend. The policies of the campus are more conservative than those of state schools because it is a Christian University. The campus is welcoming to everyone who attends, but it is up to the students to make the most of their experience.


I think everyone should.


Students interested in partying or who do not want a religious atmosphere should not attend Anderson University. Rules for behavior are clearly laid out before school begins, and students should know that the no drug, no alcohol policy is enforced.


Open minded, any religion other than moderate or conservative Christians, anyone homosexual, alcohol users, anyone who wants a normal psycho-sexual development ("open house hours," where girls and guys can only visit each other at certain times of the day), and serious acedemics.


A student that expects to just breeze through classes and party on the weekends.


Some one who is actively looking for the party scene. AU has a no drinking policy, even after you turn 21, so if big fraternity/sorority parties with free flowing bouze is your idea of fun, you should look elsewhere.


One who does not believe in community.


A person who wants to party or doesn't want a Christian education.


someone who isn't willing to be open to new ideas or is not willing to follow Christian principles. You don't have to be a christian but you should respect the policies