Anderson University-Anderson, IN Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I would have known how small the school really was. There are only 2500 students and I wanted to be in a large environment where I could meet someone new every day. Additionally I wish I would've known about the small rules that were in place such as no open house hours on Monday/Wednesday and that there was a set amount of chapels to attend per semester or else there would be a fine.


I wish I would have known more of the food choices before attending Anderson University since I am a five year standing vegetarian. They do have some selections of food that I can eat but not much and if I had known that I probably would have found a better suited college that better suited my diet. I am passionate for animal rights and passionate about what feeds my body instead of putting junk into it all the time like a lot of fellow students.


I wish I would have known about the school. I transferred my Sophomore year and regret not spending all four years at Anderson University. I also wish I could have applied for more scholarships.


I wish I had known how hard the work was going to be, and how much fun I would have. I honestly thought it would be horrible but it is not, school is fun.


I wish I had known the importance of getting involved in campus activities and going out of my way to make friends. It took me a year or so to really get involved and find where I fit in.


That it is not extremely Christian.


I wish I would have known that getting involved on campus was more important.


The academic advisers are also the professors...there is not a separate staff hired to handle scheduling.


I chose this college because it had a christian affilliation with it. I wish I had known that it really isn't as "christian" as what they make it seem. It is very liberal, and alot of drinking and pot is done on and off campus. I think that the affiliation needs to be removed from this university or the administration needs to crack down harder on individuals.


I wish I had known better what I want to do with my life


The lack of forgivness students receive when they mess up from Faculty and Staff. The amount of money I would have to take out in finanicial aid to finish.


Open house hours. I realize that Anderson University is a Christian campus that is concerned about the students that attend. I knew there was no alcohol allowed on campus; that doesn't bother me. However, I did not know the extent of open house hours for the dorms. Simply put, they are few and far inbetween. On Monday and Wednesday, hours are from 6pm-10pm. On Friday, from 5pm-12am; Saturday from 1-12am and Sunday from 1-9pm. This alone wouldn't have stopped me from coming, but it was a suprise to have so few hours.