Anderson University-Anderson, IN Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best aspect about Anderson Univeristy was the people that I shared the experience with. These people helped challenge me in my academic and extra-curriculur activities throughout the four years that I attended. The group of students and faculty at Anderson University is what made the school the best it could be. It was not due to the administration or any sort of system that was set up but more just a focus on the relationships that were created.


The best thing about Anderson University is the atmosphere. Everyone that I have met so far has been very helpful and nice, and it is a good thing to know that your teachers can be more then just another teacher, they can become your friends.


My school is so open. Everybody knows each other. We aren't defined by our majors or dorms, and our pasts do not define our futures. The faculty understands that and work with us to help us have the best years possible. They try to open our eyes and show us the world beyond our small campus. The absolute best thing about my school is that God is at the center of it all. Our principles and core values are all about bettering the world around us.


the environment,oppurtunities and system


The best thing about Anderson University is its commitment to faith. My college experience has been exponentially bettered by the ability to discuss God in the classroom and in every other aspect of the University. It is great to be able to rely on any of my proffessors or peers for spiritual gudance, biblical advice, and prayer. I can not immagine a college experience where my faith was torn down in the classroom, or where my beliefs were challenged amongst my peers. I am extremely greatfull for Anderson University's commitment to faith and purity.


Community. Feeling like you belong to a family and to a huge circle of friends. That is what is so great about my college. When you step foot on AU's campus--you become part of it's makeup, part of it's being; and it becomes part of you. It might sound cheesy or overdone. But I myself, and others will tell you time and time again that AU is a place where you are loved--not discarded as just another face in the huge mass of learners.


The best thing about my school is the atmosphere. The people here are welcoming and i feel like i can be myself. This is the bast part because it makes me feel comfortable and i feel at home.


The best thing about Anderson University is the community atmosphere. The students, factulty, and administraitors create this type of environment where students are able to call the college their own and to also to create relationships with others. The school also puts a large focus on living out your Christian walk with God. The encourage the students to engage in campus activites and activies also off campus.


The people genuinely and completely care about you. They are concerned if you are in need, extremely willing to help, non-judgemental and loving, compassionate, incredibly talented, funny, and loving. Everyone's goal, whether it's the professors, lunch ladies, maintenance, upper classmen, or friends, desire nothing more than to see you succeed.


The religious base. It allows teaching of our beliefs in the classroom with professors that are knowledgable and are christian also.


The people you interact with. The majority of people here are great, have positive attitudes, are friendly, and very active in their ministry.


The professors want you to succeed and are willing to help you if you ask for it.


The best thing about my school is the relationships that are made. The class sizes are so small that you can really interact with your professors and get to know them on a personal level. The professors always have your best interest in mind, and will do anything in order to help you succeed. I have made some really great friends, that will probably last my lifetime. I have mentor that is there for me to talk to and to offer words of advice to me, and I don't think I would have that at a larger school.


The best thing about Anderson University can be summed up in one word: community. The students have a unique bond with eachother and with the faculty that makes AU seem almost like home away from home. It is important to feel accepted and a part of a community when a student first leaves home. These relationships with other students and faculty are what gets students through the tougher experiences. Some of these friendships last forever.




Nearly every professor at Anderson University that I have had for a class has been extrememly engaging, knowledgable, helpful, and genuinely caring about my education. I took 36 class hours my first year and loved 30+ of them; those I didn't like was because of the subject (psychology and mathematics) and not the professor. The forte of A.U. is its outstanding faculty and their ability to engage and effectively teach the students.