Anderson University-Anderson, SC Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


I've never met a more welcoming community. I couldn't have picked a better school for my first years at college. Everyone was so kind and willing to help me, I just needed to learn to ask for it. If you're looking for a small, Christian University, I promise this is the school for you.


My classmates are awesome.


Classmates at Anderson University are encouraging, supportive, helpful, and Godly.


My classmates are great and everyone is eager and ready to learn.


My classmates here at Anderson University are well-rounded, intellectual, and compassionate, but they are more than that; they are focused on their relationship with Christ, and their relationship with others, which sets them apart from just typical college students.


My classmates are friendly and social, but very exclusive.


I have not started class. I can not answer the question.


Anderson University's campus is filled with Christ-centered, fun, and energetic students who work hard and enjoy their college experience to the maximum.


My classmates are the most determined hard-working students who always like to have fun in whatever they are doing.


My classmates are insightful individuals willing to debate certain issues while weighing others' opinions.


My classmates are friendly and very helpful, and usually quite sleepy during eight o'clock classes.


To be honest depending on the class, my classmates can be very stuck up and rudes, and other times verry friendly and social.


My classmates are helpful, unique, and immediately friendly.


So far most of my classmates have been helpful, caring and understanding. I attend night classes and online courses so most of the students there are there for the same reason. They are balancing families, full-time jobs and courses.


Dont know them


The students do not act like complete saints just because they attend a Christian university, however, most of them are nice and caring ans not that much different than others at Non-Chrisitian Universities.


My class mates are for the most part hard workers, friendly, and very active in campus activities.


I am not sure yet I have not attended classes with them yet


They are nice and willing to help others out.


I will not be attending AU until August, however, I have already met a few of them and they all seem great. Everyone at AU is really friendly and go out of their way to help you in anyway possible. I am very excited to attend AU and meet new people. AU is a great school to attend if you want to stay close to God while getting a college education.


Very determined and focused on their future careers.


My classmates are diverse. Everyone is involved in a variety of activties which shape each individual into a unique person. Although not everyone is friends with each other, my classmates certainly understand the principle of getting along with one another. One can easily join the group with my classmates because of how open and welcoming every person is. Truly, my classmates are one of a kind.


My classmates are christian, intelligent, and warm-hearted.


They are hard working and ask a lot of questions. They seem very intelligent and always seem to have their work prepared in time.


All of my classmates or friends were all like family.


My classmates are very artistic and have a lot of insight in the classroom and on many different subjects. They encourage class discussion and are likely to make an effort to help each other with class material.


Most of the people attending Clark Atlanta are quite friendly and willing to hold conversations. There are others who look like they always have an attitude but sometimes that may not be the case. The only way to find out is by saying hello


My classmates at Anderson University are very interactive and encouraging


Being a transfer student to Anderson University during the Spring Semester, it was difficult starting over again. My first thoughts of Anderson was that everyone was just so nice and welcoming to me, which made me feel more comfortable from the beginning. My professors are so kind and actually care that I succeed not only at Anderson, but also throughout my life. They are so great in the fact that they are open to questions and very sincere. My first week and a half at Anderson has been a dream come true. Everyone at Anderson is so friendly!


Some of my classmates behave really well, but then there are other classmates that misbehave; but there will always be those type of people.


My classmates are the most incredible group of people who help and critique me and my work and make me stronger as a designer.


I am in all online classes so I have very little interaction with other students.


Always happy and excited!


My classmates are fun, school-oriented, small-town Christians.


My classmates are extremely intelligent and want to succeed in life. Since I am a Biology major, almost all of my classmates are on the dean's list and strive to make it to medical school.


My classmates are strong, supportive, Godly folk who are true friends, and they are always eager to help and lead in any way possible.


Every one of my classmates have their own unique individuality, all-in-all making our school a better place to learn and grow.


The people that attend Anderson University are some of the most wholesome and amazing people you'll ever meet. The friendships that you make here are friendships that you'll carry with you forever. Students at AU work extremely hard and they are passionate about their interests. In your classes, you'll find that everyone is always willing to help one another out, whether that's through small groups, study groups, or project groups. There's life all around AU and it's impossible to find someone who isn't bubbling with personality.


My classmates at Anderson University are a diverse group of individuals that allow me to learn and expand my interests through their varying backgrounds and experiences.


My classmates are very friendly, thoughtful, god-fearing people.


My classmates are mostly Christians who uphold their strong moral values while being dedicated to their chosen fields of studies.


Im my classes my classmates were helpful to those students around them that needed the extra help.


My classmates at Anderson University become friends, study partners, and people I love to hang out with!


Upbeat and full of life.


I will actually be taking online classes through Anderson University because I am a wife and mother of two teenage sons. I am currently unemployed and looking for full-time employment.


Ignorant to the real world and biased in views. Very clique oriented school. Lots of 'religious' students that are hypocritical and extremely judgemental. No one is very talented at this school, otherwise they would've gone somewhere else.


Narrow minded but pure in heart. My classmates are overall very niave to the real world based on the religious affiliation of the school but are all overall good people.


My classmates are some of the most profound and unique individuals I have ever met and are the most enjoyable to be around.


We are all theatrical, infectious, bubbly, loud, musical people where i hang out usually.


Depending on the classes that I'm in makes the difference on my classmates; the ones that I see on a daily basis are some of my best friends and very fun to be around, while the ones who are in my general education classes are still fun to be around, but different because I haven't spent three years getting to know them.