Anderson University-Anderson, SC Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


Most of my friends from high school went to large, public, state schools along with 30,000 other people. They see unfamiliar faces every day, their teachers never learn their names, and they are only a mere number to the school they attend. I brag to my friends about the closeness I feel to my teachers, friends, bus drivers, and even the trashman. The post office supervisor even sends emails to the students praising our hardwork and encouraging us to continue on. I brag about how much I feel comfortable and safe in a town that's nowhere near home.


Again, we have the most friendly students and faculty at AU. I feel at home when I am at school. Sometimes I never want to strange as that is to say. The Nursing Program is fantastic!


When concerning my school, I brag most about the people I met here. I also tend to brag on the choirs which I sing on, and the students singing groups I also sing on. Lastly, I would brag on our sports team and players. I am manager for the women basketball team, and I always say they are a group of lovely ladies.


When Im telling my friends about AU, I brag about how amazing it is. I stress on the nice people; they smile, open doors, and have open conversations with you. Unlike back home, you would hardly find a strange that wanted to get to know you. Also I say how much I love the faculty and staff. Here I find the teachers genuinely care and want the best for you. While changing my major I had a hard time until the faculty and staff helped me through it. I tell them that I am not at college but at home.


Anderson has truly wonderful people. I love being an art student there. The art department is small enough that I know all of my professors, and most of them are already familiar with my work. The art community is very welcoming and sincere. Most of my closest friends, I met working in the studio. It is great to have people to talk idea through with that you know you will see later.


The thing that I tell my friends the most when they ask about Anderson, or why I chose Anderson, is simple. There's nowhere else that I'm going to find a school where everyone is a family. This year we had a guy get in a car accident and our student body raised money, all of us, to help his family pay for hospital bills and other expenses. Anderson University is a family like no other.


The staff is very involved with the students at Anderson University. It is important to me to have a good relationship with the professors, who give us their expertise on any course of study. It is the genuine care of the professors at Anderson University that determines the success of our future. The motivation that the professors give their students, help push us to maintain excellence in everything we do.


I would say the availability of the professors is something I brag about. Also, the school's expecation of excellence in the student's work is challenging.


I brag most about my school's athletic department.


Anderson University not only calls itself a Christian University, but they uphold the school and students to that standard. They provide many opportunities to get involved with different campus minstries. The siz eof the school is great. Classroom sizes provide the ability to have one-on-one time witht the teacher if needed. The classes are a good size, but we can also get the help we need very easily. The teachers are always willing to help and set a great example for what a Christian teacher should be, and they always keep a positive atmosphere in the classroom.


Anderson University is helping me to better myself for my future and the future of my children.


I enjoy the professors from my academic major.


When I tell my friends about Anderson University, I brag the most about the classes. The classes here give the students straight-forward and useful information that pertains to the ever-changing job market that each particular student wants to pursue.


Class schedules


The only thing I can brag about at the current moment is how responsive everyone has been in helping me get registered and ready to start classes. The staff at AU has been extremely helpful and pleasant to communicate with and they have answered any and all of my questions with the most patient attitude. It has been the most pleasant and stress free process from applying and getting accepted, to getting in touch with my advisor and getting registered for classes. I feel that attending Anderson University this fall is going to be a wonderful and enjoyable experience.


How wonderful it is and how great it is to go to a school with a Christian environment. There are many ways to get involved on campus!


The close relationship that I have with my professors. I know what they will help me with anything at anytime that they are avaliable, and they will even make sure that I am succeeding in areas where they are not qualified and if I am not they will find ways to make sure that I do.


I brag about knowing my teachers on a first name basis and being able to contact them anytime i have an issue with the material in class or in life. The school is one of America's top 100 college buys for the price and our teachers are top notch specialists in their fields that maintain connections with their area of expertise and allow us job opportunities and real world experience in the classroom. My campus is beautiful and the students are always in touch with on campus events and always help one another with classes and life.


I would brag about the amazing staff and faculty Anderson University has. The teachers are there for the students as a whole. The faculty is more focused on knowing the students to better help them succeeded in all areas of life rather than academics. They encourage their students to seek help when ever needed and often provided contact information that will enable a student to reach them at any time.


The friendliness of staff and students is amazing.


The campus is really nice and the school is not too big.


When I talk about my school, I brag most about the christian atmosphere, the relationships with my professors, and the envirorment. Anderson University is like a second home to me, when I went home for christmas break, I missed the campus and the people. Everyone is nice and willing to work with you.


This university is smaller than most traditional universities but the work is grueling and you get what you pay for. The professors are experts in their fields and provide experience as well as achademia.


The best thing about Anderson University are my friends I have met. I play volleyball for Anderson and have met some of the best friends ever. When I go home and visit, I miss my friends from college. I also brag about the weather in Anderson, South Carolina. I am from Cincinnati, Ohio, so the weather in Anderson is much better. I also like the small school atmosphere. I like being known by my professors. I also like being able to get the extra help I need right away without having to wait to talk to a professor.


Anderson is very focused on each students' time in the classroom. The classes are small and the professors are dedicated to serving students and their needs. I am an Interior Design student, and we have a lot of oppurtunity meeting designers who actually practice in the field that give knowledge of schooling and what we have to look forward to.


There is a deep focus on God and the student body as a whole.


The quality of the teacher-education program.