Anderson University-Anderson, SC Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


Honestly how much it costs because most students have to take out significant amounts of loans to go here when they would take out less at another college or university.


The worst thing about my school is that the Athletic Campus where some classes are held is off campus. If you do not have a car, there is the AU shuttle that can take you to class. This is difficult more me because even though I live off campus I do not have a car.


There are not very many social activities on the weekends. Most of the campus lives within an hour of their house and goes homeevry weekend.


The worst thing about my school is the condition of some of the dorms on campus. The bathrooms in the dorm I live in now are very old, and though the mantience staff does a good job, it would really benefit all residents to have the whole building remodled.


Anderson University does not have any qualities that are detrimental to any of their students. Being a student at Anderson University is a blessing and has been beneficial to my growth as a person and also in furthering my education. I have nothing bad to say about my university or the people that represent it.


The worst thing about Anderson University, is that it has no football program! I love college football! Oh well... at least I don't have to route against my favorite division 2 teams when they come to town; we most certainly won't be playing them.


The worst thing about my school is the limited amount of extra activities offered on the weekend. A student can become bored.


Anderson has trouble attracting top tier businesses to hire its graduates.


I would say parking for commuters and financial aid for nursing students going into the accelerated program. Parking is bad for commuters because the college has a lot of admission events and they reserve parking for those prospective students and their families, making it hard for commuters to get good spots. Financial aid is bad for nursing students going into the accelerated program, like me, because it is a new program so if you have any state scholarships before entering you lose them once you start the program, making it very difficult to pay for your education.


The worst thing about the school is the food because there aren't very many options and there aren't many healthy options.


I have not started school there yet, so there really is not anything i dislike about Anderson University.


The worst thing about my school is the commute.


Alotof students leave the campus on weekends. This is because most students are from the area, it would be better if they stayed to keep out of state students busy.


I do not necessarily think there is anything bad about AU, but they make you get involved. Since AU is a christian college, you have certain requirements you have to fulfill in order to graduation. These include Chapel and Cultural Experiences.


The worst thing I consider of Anderson University would become that we do not have a football team, only because I am a huge football fan!


The only negative thing about my school is the tuition price.


I don't have any bad compliants, because I had a great experience.


The worst thing about Anderson is the food. But it's gotten a lot better this semester they started to have a set menu for the weeks and that is really help especial when you are like me and you can't eat a lot of things because of allergies. They really cater to everyone needs.


The worst thing about my school is room check, also none as “Health and Safety”. I absolutely despise room check only because I’m not the cleanest person in the world, so sometimes it’s hard when they just show up and your rooms not clean.


The worst thing about our school is having to do chapel. I believe that people shouldn't be forced to worship in order to graduate. I am not the most religous person so worship is intimidating and makes me unconfortable.


Concentrate on the reasons you came to college. Yes college is fun and it is nice to meet new people, but keep your goals the focus. However, learning to relax and have a good time are also important. Balance is the key and college is the bet place to learn that. do everything to the best of your ability, and do not feel embarassed if you need help. Enjoy every second of your life. the future is what you make of it.


The worst thing about Anderson University would have to be the phone service. I love Anderson, so thats a pretty good worst thing to have. There is no service in a lot of the buildings because the buildings are so old. But most everything is really great.


I honestly cannot think of anything I have to complain about, I love this school.


The Food and the avalibility of classes


Anderson University is a great school and it is very difficult to determine a flaw. The only thing, to me, that could possibly be changed is the food in the dining hall and the dining hours on the weekends. There is not a lot to choose from in the dining hall and it is only open for an hour at a time on Saturdays and Sundays. Other than that, I cannot think of anything that Anderson could possibly change.


Probably the older dorms that havent gotten remodeled yet. They arent terrible but they need to be done.


There are a few small things we could improve upon at Anderson. I think there should be better hours for the places to eat on campus, and slao more healthy choices in the caffiteria. When there are vegetables, they are usually over cooked and the fruit is not always good either. Another thing that could be improved is our work out facility. We have few machines that work well, especially the treadmills. It seems that there are always one or two that are not working, so I would suggest the possible purchase of new equipment.


It's truly difficult for me to pick something bad about AU but I guess if I were to say something, it would be that it's hard for double majors to take all of their required classes and graduate on time without getting an overload fee. It's frustrating because you shouldn't be penalized if it's out of your control; I wish AU would exempt that overload fee.


I think the worst thing would be the price. Its very expensive.


The worst thing about Anderson University is that they do not have a lot going on the weekends for students.


Worst thing about Anderson University is the chapel credits. The chapel services are usually boring. I am all for worshipping God because without His son dying on the cross, I am nothing. I regularly attend church and the style is more modern and I enjoy going to church. The services at Anderson University are really old tradition which I can see why it would make some students not want to go to church. That's my opinion on that and we have to do it 8 times a semester.


So far, I have absolutley nothing negative to say about my university. The staff has been extremely helpful and have assisted with every aspect in the admissions process, registration process, and the financial process. Since I am new, I have not experienced anything bad with my school!


For me the worst thing about Anderson University would be the tuition. Me being a twenty-two year old going to school later than normal I am responsible for my expenses. Given the chance for scholarships is a great thing that helps with the tuition in my case, because I can better myself and at the same time keep my student loan debt to a minnimum.


The people at my school are very nice, but sadly, they are not very open-minded. This leads to a lot of clashing of views on religion, politics, and human rights.




The worst thing about Anderson University - hard to answer. I suppose I could say it is expensive. No state funding. If you do not qualify for financial aid, then student loans are the only option.


The most worthy componet of Anderson University is the Christian leadership and guidance. The professors have answered God's calling in their careers, and wish that same thing upon their students. This Christian atmosphere spreads throughout the campus and brings professors, staff, and students together. The campus is lively with positive influences and smiling faces.


The worst thing about Anderson University is the issue of dorms. I believe the dorms should give more privacy to the students. The newest dorms that have been built are very nice looking, but have community bathrooms. No dorm on campus allows for a personal bathroom, and the one person rooms are very expensive. Living with roomates and hallmates can be hard so I believe the worst thing about Anderson is the fact that their living quarters allow for very little privacy.


Most AU students will say the worst thing about school is the food, which is far away from home-cooking, however, you get used to that. I think the worst thing would be the price. As a private school it is more expensive than most, that is probably the biggest drawback. Its worth it, but it would be even better if it did not cost so much.


I think the worst thing is they don't offer daycare services for the adult students. I'm a single mother and it would be alot easier if we had a service offered to help with our children while we are in class.


Not enough room for on coming students. Anderson keeps growing but they do not have enough rooms to occupy all students.


I don't consider anything negative about AU. I believe if a student likes a big school then Anderson is not for them. In my opinion, I love small schools and Anderson is perfect for that.


There is too little amount of hours allowed for the opposite sex to be in the room.


The high prices on the parking decals are outrageous. I have already attended the school for two years and the prices have risen more each year. Going into my third year, the prices have yet again peaked. What frustrates me the most about this is that for such a high tuition school, we do not receive many perks. I have even sent an email just asking about why prices are going up, but I do not get a response. I would greatly appreciate more communication on the whereabouts of school pricing, especially with the current state of the economy.


Anderson University is an amazing baptist college. It has admiring teachers, and an incredible christian staff. All of this goes to say that christian students practically flock to this school; I being one of them. The worst thing I see around campus is non-christian students feeling inferior. As the main high school crowd leaves christians out, Andersons main crowd leaves non-christians out. Groups of "perfect" christians seem very unapproachable to non-believers. This hurts the possibities of witnessing to them.


The worse thing about my school is the availablity of healthy food choices. All we have is a salad bar and occassionally a vegetarian food. This makes it hard for healthy living and dieting.


The worst thing about the school that i attend right now is the size of the dorms. There were three of us in a very tiny room, and to add more there were six of us sharing one bathroom!!! There was one sink, one toilet, and one small shower that when you put your hands on your hips your elbows touched the walls! Other than the rooming, Anderson University is a wonderful school!


I don't like the way, Anderson University, treats their students like they are children. I assumed when I finally got to college I would be able to make my own decisions without someone always looking over my shoulder. It is a Christian based school and I knew that when I decided to attend Anderson University. But they seem to think we can't make our own decisions. I still talk to my mom everyday and get her opinion on certain issues. But I would like to be treated as a adult at school.


I don't.


The extra cirriculm they have us doing as freshman. We are just getting adjusted to college, they have doing CEP, community service , and chapel. I feel like its a bet much. Then we are still trying to keep our GPA up.