Anderson University-Anderson, SC Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Someone who loves the Lord and is okay with people being in their face and friendly all of the time.


Someone looking to come here should like a small campus, being familiar with a good percentage of the student body as well as faculty. There are partyers and such, but they are in the minority. people are very caring here and will be genuinely involved with your life. A majority of people here are christians or atleast will profess to be, so be prepared to meet people with that view.


Anderson University is a great small school environment. Each student it able to establish a good relationship with their professor because there is no class size over 30 students. Each one of my professor's knows my name, where I am from and what I am studying. Similar to knowing your professors, everyone on campus knows each other. Every time I walk in between classes and I see friends, which creates a strong sense of community wthin the institution.


The kind of person who should attend Anderson University is the kind of person who wants to grow in character and knowledge. This is not a place that is going to get you in and hurry you to graduate and never care anything about you. This school is about making an impact on individuals, and it will stretch you to be more than you ever thought you could. If your not a people person you probably need not apply, because people here are friendly. They want to know your name and get to know more about you, because they care.


I think the kind of person that should attend Anderson University is a person who is excited to get prepared for life and meet new people. Anderson is a very diverse University and I have met a lot of different people. This is one of the most exciting parts of college because I have made memories I will never forget. If you are wanting to meet new people, Anderson is the place to be. Anderson is also very good at preparing students for life after college. I feel like I am more prepared for the rest of my life now.


Anderson University has that old Southern charm, while also allowing students to take part in more current culture. If you are wanting to attend a smaller, more family-oriented school, then Anderson is the place for you. Anderson has a wide variety of degrees, so whether you wish to explore a science or liberal arts degree, you can find a perfect fit. All of the professors that I have studied under have always been very caring about not only my academic life, but also my personal life. I absolutely love this school!


Someone who is academically focused and is looking to make close and true friends. Those with a Christian heart or who are interested in becoming a Christian and want others alike around them. This school is for someone who is focused on learning, not on partying or having a strong social life.


Almost anyone would fit in here.


Anderson is a private Christian school. Students who are serious about their education and enjoy being around friendly people would love Anderson. Also, students who enjoy worshiping Christ and starting the day with a prayer would fit right in with Anderson University.


Anderson University is an institution for those who are seeking top-tier establishment that provides students with the opportunities to gain a higher level of education, which will help establish a strong and dedicated workforce in their promising futures. A person who want to build upon a lasting spirtual relationship with God, who also wants to establish a long lasting bond with the amicable students and teachers her should attend Anderson University.


A person that is religious, rich, and loves to study should go to this school.


A person who is open-minded and wants an intergrated Christian-faith-educational experience will thrive here, because it is a school that gives you an opportunity to understand how your faith and talents combine.


The type of person who prefers a 101 learning experience. Who values Christian views. The person needs to be willing to treat others with trust, kindness, and care. They must like the small population of the school and close knit enviornment that follows with that.


Christian students that are eager to meet new people and who like small classrooms with personal professors would be very happy at this university.


Someone who is interested in growing spiritually and mentally. Someone who is interested in attending a private college that has smaller classroom atmospheres and someone who wants a great connection with the professors, peers, and the campus as a whole.


Any type of person should go to Anderson; the environment around here is amazing and everyone friendly and loving. You can always come here and see a smiling face.


The kind of person who should attend this school would be a serious student who likes being active in their religion and makign a difference in their community.


The type of person who should attend Anderson University is someone interested in having an active life on campus in an approachable setting. AU is not huge, but it's big enough that there is something for everyone to be involved in. Those who are self-motivated and excited about jump starting life should attend AU, where they will be able to make life-long friends, learn what they are most interested in and move towards becoming a successful adult.


A person that should attend Anderson University is someone that wants to be known. Since the class sizes are small, you really get to know your teachers and those around you. You get to have relationships with professors that you might not have somwhere else. You aren't just a number.


People who are interested in the arts and education would do well at this school. Also, people who are interested in a small school atmosphere with great community will thrive at Anderson University.


Any person. It's a great school. This school gives me the chance to expand my knowledge and grown in my faith at the same time. The school is more worried about the experience that you get and your education rather than just making money off of parents. People with an intrest in a small size school with a big time feel, this is the place.


The type of student that should attend this school should have a life centered in Christ. He or she should want to do everything for His glory, including any activities related to his or her major. He or she would have to be accepting of moderatly strict rules that campus provides. He or she should like a small family-like setting and should be willing to support their fellow students and faculty and allow themselves to lean on fellow students and faculty for support.


Anderson is mainly about building community, so a person who loves to meet people and get to know them would be a perfect match for AU. There is a variety of students attending AU, so no matter what kind of person you are, whether it be artistic or sporty, there is a community for you!


Being a Christian faith based school, a person should have some form of understanding and relationship with God. But it is also a good school for athletes, anyone who wants to major in the arts (i.e. music, theater, art, etc.), and of course anyone who is wanting to pursue a career in any form of ministerial work.


Anyone could attend Anderson University, it's very welcoming. It is a private Christian university so there is an enphasis onreligion. Someone wanting to go into the arts or education field would definitely get the most out of their education here.


Anderson University is for anyone who is willing to work hard for their future and their education.


Someone who is looking to be enriched with top-notch education in a small, personal environment, while also growing spiritually should attend Anderson University.


A down to earth individual would do just fine at this school. Everyone is very relaxed and the staff is very helpful and friendly. You have to be willing to separate your personal life from your schoolwork though, for the most part you just have be focused and willing to put forth an effort to do well at this school.


Anyone who wants an education that you work hard for and deserve.


I think anyone could attend the school. It's a great environment that welcomes anyone, from any walk of life. To really enjoy the school, someone who likes a small campus, small class sizes, and a more intimate setting would really find Anderson to be a great school to attend.


A religion major or a graphic design major.


Driven students that are looking for an education and a gateway into the job market once they graduate. Students that want low teacher to student ratios for the full learning experience and those who want to enjoy a fun, friendly and safe atmosphere on campus. Anderson has a hands on faculty and staff and always take time to help with course planning, personal issues or need based students with learning disablilites. The campus is small enough to know everyone but large enough to have clubs, sports teams and space for everyone to enjoy a scenic view and great education.


The kind of person that should attend this university are people who want the best possible college experience. This school accommidates the person you are and they shape the school around any of the needs that you need in order to succeed. This is a Christian University so it is very friendly, warm, and inviting.


Students with morals, creativity, and willing to work harder than at other schools.


Someone who is comfortable in a small-school environment with a lot of opportunities for one-on-one learning. Considering that Anderson is a Christian university, those who follow similar beliefs would do well at this school; however, those who aren't necessarily Christian are made to feel welcome as well. Someone who prefers being a name instead of just a number would really enjoy being at Anderson.


Anderson University would make a wonderful home for future students who enjoy a small campus full of loving and friendly individuals. There is a large majority of Christian students who are unashamed to share their faith. The university requires students to attend weekly chapel services as a part of spiritual growth. Education and theatre majors tend to be the bulk of the AU population. Most students live within less than an hour radius from the school. At AU, the student body interacts well and there are rarely cliques or groups formed. Class sizes are also small.


A person that wants to have a great college experience, with small class sizes, hands out real world projects, and students that will become your life long friends should attend Anderson University.


people who like a smaller setting and are more artsey should attend this school


Someone that enjoys the arts or athletics but also can stand firm in their beliefs. A contemplative person that likes to have deep meaningful discussions in their spare time but also enjoys the simplicities of life. Last a very active person should attend Anderson University, there are many intramural opportunities and a large part of the student body attends.


A person that is willing to work hard and wanting an education. A person that wants to be at a very friendly and spirited college.


a more artistic person, someone who loves God and Country. Someone who makes friends easily and want's to learn.


Someone who is Southern Baptist! looking for a degree in ministry should attend this school, it's been helpful for me... But if you want more diversity I suggest you find another school.


The kid of person who should attend Anderson University should be ready for a college experience in which you have the community of a small school, but the educational rigor that would be associated with a larger school. This person should be willing to get involved on campus, as being involved will definitely make the college experience at Anderson much better.


Some one who is very religious, conservative, and agrees with everything that the republicans say. This school is not welcoming to differences.


Anyone who want a very good education in a small town atmosphere. It's a small school and the staff make you feel like you're at home. The campus is only a square mile so people who have trouble getting around here would love it. It's also a Christian school so anyone who wants to better their relationship with God should consider here. Our athletics are superior! Anyone who wants to feel welcome and at home and loves small environments should consider here.


All persons would fit into a campau such as Anderson University. There are many activities, cousres, majors that are available to suit the needs of a variety of different collge students.


Anyone can attend this school. Most students who are Christian/conservative feel more in place here because they tend to follow the rules whereas the more liberal students tend to feel the school has too many rules. however, we have had plenty of students who come from a more liberal background and still feel they belong here and tend to mature and grow towards a more positive lifestyle.


Christian, focused, academically advanced