Anderson University-Anderson, SC Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


People who do not like interaction with others, students or teachers. Those who spend the large majority of their free time using alcohol or drugs, or partying. Although Anderson is surrounded by plenty of shops and stores that cover a wide variety of needs, there are not many amusment establishments, therefore students who are more focused on their social lives than their academic work will find very little to do here.


If you do not believe the things of the Bible, you should not attend this school. It is a Christian university, and they practice what they preach.


Anyone looking for a large or liberal school would not find what they are looking for in this school. Also, if someone is looking to come to school to experience the typical "college life" with partying, they may want to look somewhere other than Anderson University.


Very democratic people who have strong liberal opinions wouldn't be a good fit for this school. People who aren't willing to put their academics first shoud also stay away from it. Drinking is banned on campus, so people who drink heavily probably wouldn't be a good match.


Someone who is unwilling to do the work and puts no effort into grades.


If a person is not christian and not motivated to achieve a college degree and study hard they should not attend this school


A person who is not a christian and who loves to drink and cheat.


My university is very Christian-focused. While I am not saying that non-Christians should not attend, if a person is very resolute in their convictions against Christianity, I do no think they would prefer AU as opossed to other schools. My school welcomes all people, but there is certainly a Chrisitan atmosphere on campus which I absolutely love.


A person who is timid and scared.


I think that Anderson University would not be a good fit for someone who wants to be in the city. While there are more things to do in Anderson than other places, it definitely has a country feel to it, which may be a deal breaker for some, but may also a positive thing for others. The college does not have a football team so someone who is looking for a lot of school spirit and huge sporting events on the weekends may be disappointed in that area.


People who are looking to create trouble in order to acquire attention should not attend my school. Poor treatment of others is not tolerated by the student body as a whole. Additionally, people who routinely violate the principals of trust and family should not attend my school. I know I will be accepted by my peers for who I am, and I do not have to be afraid to hide the person I am. Everyone is unique and those who judge a book by its cover are not welcomed.


Someone looking for a party school should not attend this school. Anderson University is a Christian school is a alcohol and smoke-free campus.


Christians who work hard and plan for a good education should come here.


Anyone that does not want to be in a small community, would not enjoy their time at Anderson. Being there for a week and a half, I feel as if I know so many people already and everyone seems to know everyone else. Someone that does not enjoy a comfortable feeling on campus should not go to Anderson.


Anderson University is a school that applies to all persons. Even though it is a well known christian university, I can confidently say that never have I felt pressure into becoming a christian. The students and professors at Anderson do not judge any one person for their personal beliefs, views, morals, ethics, or style.


Someone who shouldn't attend this school is someone that isn't interested in actually learning. If you are going to college just to joke around, Anderson University isn't the place. It is a Christian University, so if your beliefs differ, Anderson might not be the best fit for you.


Any person who is not truly seeking to succeed and excel not only in college, but in life, shouldn't attend this school. Anderson University is an incredible school with numerous majors, academic success, and much encouragement from each person you speak with at the University. These people are here to help and make your journey to success a smooth, yet challenging learning experience. If you're not a person who wants this kind of helping hand then I definatley wouldn't recommend Anderson. If a lifetime of success and achievement is what you're seeking Anderson University's it!


A person who is looking for a big, wild college experience should not attend Anderson University. The size of the school is very intimate compared to larger universities and everyone gets to know each other very quickly. The campus is dry and most students do not support drug and alchohal activity. Anderson University doesnt force their Christian beliefs on students but someone who is wanting an enviroment that supports wild parties will not enjoy the college.


This university is for someone who is looking for a city, but not too big of a city and someone who doesn't like large universities, but someone who gets to see new faces. This university is also good for someone who likes the more traditional style of school. This is a very quiet school, so the person has to know how to find and make their own fun.


Anderson is not the school for someone looking for wild, party-filled nights. There is a no tolerance policy for alcohol and drugs. Someone anticipating substance when they get to college should consider a larger university.


Anyone can find a place to fit in here. There is something for everyone, such as clubs. Even if there isnt then it is so easy to start up another club.


I think that a person who wants to find not only a school but a home. Here you can make friends that last a lifetime and learn things that apply to al parts of your life. I found that I love being here: not only to learn, but to fellowship and become closer to Christ.


This is a Christian based University. Everyone is accepted. I encourage those of other religions to be open to learning about Christianity.


Anderson Univeristy is a small, family oriented campus. Students who enjoy large masses of people and party life should not attend Anderson University. The campus has a no tolerance on alcolhol and tobacco use so users of these substances should not attend this school. The university is also very strict on visitation hours for the opposite sexes. The university is founded on Christian ethics and is affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convection which contributes to their strict policies. Most people, including myself, attend Anderson University to grow spiritually in addition to gaining their desired degrees.




Someone who doesn't care about their education


Someone who is not baptist, or religious in general should not attend this school. Also, someone who is not conservative should not attend this school- people here are not very open-minded.


Anderson University is an up and coming school that desires committed individuals to pursue a higher education. If you are someone just looking for the college experience but not interested in the commitment it takes to achieve then I would recommend you choose another school.


A person who isn't dedicated to graduating or planning on going far in life. This college, from what I've seen, has amazing professors, students, faculty, etc. They all want their students to graduate. From the moment I set foot on that campus, I've only recieved posetive words, encouragement, assistance, and it's all for graduation day. The day that they get to watch me, their student, walk across that stage into the world. The day that I get to take the four years of knowledge and skills I've acquired and apply them in the real world.


If a person cannot take a Christian community they should not attend this school. Anderson is not a school that boggles their students down with rules. They are very leniant with their Christian policies, but it it required for all students to attend half of the chapels per semester, and they also have dress and conduct policies that abide with Christian views. A student who cannot take being forced into church, or living with people who hold up Christian values should not attend Anderson University.


A person that should not attend this school is a personwho would not like to learn, but even if the person did attend, the person would surely fall in love with the professors and campus. Everyone is different at this school and we all fit together. If a person is more found of bigger campuses then I would not advise that person to attend this small university.


One who is not open to a Christian Worldview or easy offended by one.


If you are looking for a school that focuses on partying, fraternities, and sororities this is definitely not the school for you. Only people serious about their occupational and spiritual future should attend this school.


I believe incredibly liberal people would not enjoy atttending this Southern Baptist university.


Students who want to party or who dont care about their academics probably would not be happy here.


Liberal people or people who expect to see a lot of parties.


People who are different and willing to stand out. Opinons are not recieved warmly in discussions with religion or politics as a subject. If sports is not your forte or if you are no longer able to participate. Vegetarians, vegans, people with food allergies. Very limited amount of alternate foods. People with abnormal schedules or "average college student" - dinner ends at 6:30, food begins to be put up at 6:15. Two hours in the day where there can be no food advailable. Limited amount of resources to eat later than 9:00 at Grille.


Someone who don't mind rules and being committeed to those rules. Someone that have a religious background. A person who is willing to give back to the community without pay.