Anderson University-Anderson, SC Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


Frankly, I wish I had known what I wanted to do with my life before coming to school. I am still torn between some ideas I have, like journalism or Christian ministry. I know that most college kids will change their major once or twice during their stay, but I wanted to have it figured out before spending $30,000 a year. I do not enjoy swimming in debt as an eighteen year old.


Do your research! I can not stress this enough. I chose to pursue my undergraduate degree in education becuase I really did not know what I wanted to do with my life. Had I taken the time to research and learn about the vast array of career opportunities out there, I would have chosen a different path. Instead of graduating with a degree that would only lead to a miserable job, I could have already started a career path that would be fullfilling and more financially rewarding in the long run. Truly, do your research and apply for scholarships!


Anderson University is a small school. I wish I had known what it felt like to have such a small number of classmates. I believe that a school of a bigger size would have suited me better. I already feel like I have met everyone on campus which makes me lose interest in socializing. I enjoy meeting new people and seeing new faces everyday. It helps me to realize that the world has so much to offer with many possiblities. I don't wish to feel limited to a certain amount of people on campus.


Before i came to this school I wish I would have known just how difficult the transition from home to college was really going to be, because it was a big burden. I also wish that I would have known how difficult my major was going to be, although honestly it probably would have made me shy away. Mostly though, I wish I would have known and never doubted that this was the place for me to be, and once attending here that I would grow tremedously and that I would meet some of my greatest friends for life.


The main thing that I wish I would have known before I came to Anderson University is being able to live on my own and support myself. Coming to Anderson for school was the first time that I have spent an extensive amount of time away from home and not being around my parents. It was hard to get used to at first but Anderson has a great environment and staff that makes it easier to adjust to living away from home. I think students need to be aware of the struggles so they do not get overwhelmed and quit.

Cara Ann

There is not anything huge that I can think of. They do a really great job advertising.


I wish I had known how safe and friendly that Anderson University is. I was so terrified about going off to college that I did not allow myself to enjoy the first few months of college. The orientation and Welcome Week staff were so wonderful, and yet I chose to only focus on my fear. That first week is so important to freshman year, and I wish that I had taken advantage of all the fun times that it offered.


Before I came to Anderson University, I was anxious about my impending arrival. During orientation, I quickly and quietly boxed myself into a certain group of people, which included my roommate and suitemate. There is nothing wrong with this, unless that's the only contact you make with students on campus, period. By the end of my first semester, I realized that I should not be invisible on this campus. I should have been embracing, not rejecting, the college experience... forming meaningful ideas, and making life-long relationships.


My classses will start in August. All my previous answers were predictions.


I wish I knew more people who go there before I came here. Makes a person feel more comfortable going to college if you have some friends already going into it.


How awesome the people are! The atmosphere is amazing and the staff and students are very friendly. I felt very welcomed when I stepped on campus.


I wish I had known how much of a home AU would come to be. The people there are so wonderful, from every teacher I've had, to the friends I've made, even down to the workers in the cafeteria. If I had known how great college would be, I would have worried less, and I feel this would have allowed me to enjoy myself more at first. I was too worried about not fitting in. But at Anderson, you will quickly learn, there is a place for everyone. We are a family.


Before I came to this school I wish that I had knownabout more financial aid oppurtunities. After the bills from my father's heart attack I am now fully responsible for affording my college education. I work hard and have good grades, so a good portion of my costs are covered by academic awards, but I am still responsible for covering room and board.


i wish i knew where the classes were and the different building. i also wish i would have known where everything is.


I wish I had known that they were going to get a nursing program. I had always wanted to come here, but did not at first because they were unsure about whether or not the program would go through. If I had known, I would have come here right off the bat, instead of attending a community college for two years first because I would have had a full ride. Even if it didn't cover the program, I would have had enough scholarship money left over to buy a car. Other than that, this school has been amazing.


How the rooms looked and were set up in many different areas.


There are A LOT of squirrels. On a serious note, there really isn't anything of which I wish I would have had foreknowledge. Everything took me by pleasant surprise, and has resulted in a beyond-positive and nurturing enviroment. I was able to grow way more than I thought possible, and I have been challenged both mentally, physically, and spiritually. It's a powerful place.


Cannot think of anything at all. I am very pleased with my college of choice.


Before coming to the school, I wish I had known that many of the students go home on the weekends so the campus is very empty during that time.


Before I came to AU I wish I had know that I was going to have three roommates in one room instead of one roommate and sharing a bathroom with three other girls. I am so thankful that we are all together but it has been very difficult. On move in day the size of the room did not fit the amount of stuff we had all brought. We had looked like saver hoarders. But we have made it work; there was a lot of down sizing and a lot of reorganizing. Though it was hard I'm still thankful.


I do not think there is anything that i had wish i would have known.


I wish i would have known that the finanal aid at this school i s very tricky. Whether it is the department or the school but it is very tricky. It seems like they try not to give to the money that you need.the school is great and its a great place to learn.


I would have love to have had a bit more information on where stood with financing and how much i owed before the month i was suppous to start college.


Before I began attending Anderson University, I wish I had been informed of websites such as Chegg and Bookrenter before my first semester. I would have saved several hundred dollars on books for my education that semester. As a commuting college student, it is very important to save money whenever possible.


I wish I had known that our classes would change when we got a new dean. I wish I had also known about all the increases in tuition each year.


I wish I had known, or had the better sense to study more. Anderson isn't more difficult than other universities, but they do expect you to pull your weight. They want you to succeed, they do all they can to help, but you definitely have to study.


I am very please with this school. I wished I had taken all my general education courses at a technical college due to price of tuition.


I wish I would've known how to manage my time better. It's hard for me to balance social events and academics. I am trying to study abroad in Australia, and it's been difficult trying to find a way to do that because I started looking at this so late. I wish I would've known ahead of time so I could prepare better.


Before I came to Anderson University, I wish I would've known to make this University my first stop. I graduated high school in 2003 and did not really know where to look to continue my education. My family never attended college and barely made it out of high school, so for me to aim towards a higher education was a huge deal. I chose a University high in cost, very demanding and that provided little concern for my personal educational experience. Had I known what I do now, I would've planted my foot in Anderson from the start.


The community aspect at Anderson is almost overwhelming. EVERYONE cares about EVERYONE. There is always someone to talk to. People are very interested in each other's life story.




I wish I knew better how to take care of myself and keep up with finances and other aspects of life that I my parents had previously taken care of. I wish I knew how to deal better with problems with living situations, whether it be with room mates or suite mates or problems with the physical structure I lived in.


Nothing, I love the college.


Before beginning school at Anderson University, I viewed college as a stressful place filled with unconcerned professors. I wish that I had known that my high level of stressful anticipation was not necessary as I soon realized that though classes are challenging, my professors are helpful and thorough.


Before attending this school I wish that I knew how time-consuming the classes would become and how prepared I would need to be in advance. The art classes call for many expensive materials and require a lot of time to finish the projects-especially being a full-time student. Sleep and extra money, of course, are foreign concepts towards the end of each semester and at seemingly random times through out each year.


Before coming to Anderson University I wish I would've known how many scholarship opprotunities there were. I believe if I had known this before hand I wouldn't have had to take out student loans for my first semester.


I wish I had a better understanding of what I was getting involved in when I chose my major. I love it, but I just wish I was informed in high school about all the classes I should've taken that would help me in college


I wish I had known how easy it was to apply and get involved. I stressed myself out worrying about how difficult getting into college was, and it affected my high school grades, my sleep habits, and my personal life. I let it get in the way, and it dulled my potential and my ability to push through and get things done to the best of my ability. I wish I had known how much it'd be worth. The atmosphere, the faculty, the students, the potential friends and experiences was definitely worth the stuff I had to go through.


I wish i would have known how competitive my school is and how difficult it is to make an A. It's a different world than high school and my friend's colleges. All you really have time for is school work in the Art Department.




How much money I would have saved living at home and commuting to school.


I wish that I had known how the academics were going to be at this school. It is an upcoming school and I think it is a good school to be at, however I once I got into the program I applied into I learned that I did not want to be in it anymore. And the current program I am in is very fast pace and high school did not prepare me for that going to college.


I wish I would have known how difficult it was going to be. I wish I could have prepared more, instead of believing that it would be a breeze, just like high school.


When I took a campus visit I was tring to make sure I covered every aspect of student life; from my dorm room, christian values, and tutoring sessions . It was was one thing I did forget to ask about and that was how was the food in the cafe. So if I had to pick onw thing I wish I knew about, it would be the terrible food we recieve.


I wish I had known about the scholarship opportunities before I came to Anderson University. If I was to tell a senior coming out of high school some advise about college, I would tell the person to stay informed with all the scholarship opportunities and to stay involved.


I wish I had been more prepared about studying. While I make good grades I wasn't prepared for the course load that I received or the in depth way the teachers taught that made you think for more than that class period about that subject.


It would have been nice to know different things to do on the weekends.


How much of a Baptist background and worship seems necessary to "fit into" for groups and activities. School is not in much favor for more liberal politic views. The legendary "seniority" does not exist. As a freshman we feel scared. As a sophmore little more comfortable. Afterwards it deadlines. There is no feeling of moving up in classes or seniority. Example housing was a complete mess and rising seniors and juniors wishes were thrown aside for freshman and sophmores. Dining times reflect my grandma's schedule. Ending dinner time is 6:30 after ten no food advailable on campus.