Anderson University-Anderson, SC Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The relationships between students and between teachers. This campus has such a large sense of community that it is hard to feel very left-out. The students really care about each other and their personal lives as well as academic. Everyone is willing to share their knowledge as well as posessions in order to better each other. Teachers also put a large investment into their students learning. The teachers have a passion for giving the students abblicable knowledge for the future, and have reliable and realistic views of the world.


My school has an awesome sense of community. We are all like one big family and I would not choose to have it any other way. We care for each other, love one another, pray for one another, and believe in one another. It is so awesome.


That the faculty and other students personally invest not only in your academics, but in your personal life and future as well.


The best thing about my school is the community on campus. Anderson is home to about three thousand students, and this is a number that can be big or small at appropriate times. I can walk around campus and see familiar faces constantly, or have the pleasure of meeting new people depending on the time. I love the intentional relationships our staff builds among faculty and students. I already have many close friendships with girls on my hall and around campus and the year hasn't even finished. We all treat eachother like family, and that is invaluable to me.


I really enjoy my classes...I seem to have learned a lot.


The best thing about Anderson University is how much the faculaty cares. Any problems you have the facualty is very understanding and it makes for an enjoyable and postive classroom enviroment. Proffesors have open door office policy and you can always have someone in your corner who cares. One reason for this is classes are small enough that the proffessor can maintain one on one relationships.


The best thing about my school is the environment. I always say that if there is one word that I could use to describe my school it would be "family." The people at Anderson University are always welcoming and encouraging. The environment is fun to be a part of and easy to get involved in. Upperclassmen hang out with underclassmen and it is hard to feel left-out of something happening on campus. The students are not only inviting and friendly, but the faculty and staff are kind and treat their students as if they were their own children.


The community is hands-down the greatest thing that Anderson has to offer. The classes, the dorms, and the food are great, but you will never find a greater community anywhere else.


The best thing about my school is that it is a Christian university that offers a Christian environment to learn in, as well as courses that are convenient. I have children and a full-time career, which make it quite difficult, at times, to find time for my religious and educational obligations. Anderson University provides the options that are necessary in overcoming the obstacles encountered due to being a full-time Christian, mother, employee, and student simultaneously.


The best thing about Anderson University is the availability of finacial aid and the staff. Every year I have to apply for a special circumstance Fasfa and the staff at the financial aid office walk me through the process and are always aviable to answer any concerns or questions I might have.


The professors and faculty at AU are awesome! I know this probably sounds lame, but after all, we are going to college for an education. The professors are passionate about their curriculum and helping you succeed. Any faculty you may have to deal with are so helpful and work hard to answer your questions and solve your problems. Anothers great thing is that AU is big on giving scholarships. They want to reward you for your hard work and make it possible financially to attend if you are confident it is the school for you.


The best thing about my school is the faculty. The teachers I have had have been quite challenging, but I have been able to take the challenges set before me with relative ease. The professors are very helpful; they are always willing to meet with me outside of class to answer any questions that I may have. They are interested in your success and try to help you to be successful in their class.


I consider the best thing about Anderson University is the all of the oppurtunity to give back to the community and even other countries. It is so amazing that this school gives you the opportunity to help other and get to experince other cultures and religion while your at it.


The best thing about AU is that the students and faculty get along very well. All of the students, regardless of age/class/ethnicity etc. are extremely helpful to people, whether they be visiting adults, new students, or prospective students. The teachers and faculty are friendly and are willing to help in the most efficient way possible. Anderson University is very artistic and there is always something going on, whether it be shows, music, or art exhibitions. There is never a dull moment and there is always someone to share the times with.


The best thing about Anderson is that the teachers actively engage with students. This is good because they will help you succeed in their class or in future endeavors and they are always glad to talk with you and give you advice.


I think the best thing about AU is the campus. AU is historic and beautiful, nice and well maintained, with plenty of space for studying, hanging out and growing. The campus allows for so many activities to occur, both education, social and cultural. People who attend AU make wonderful memories within the walls of the school, and build sentimental relationships with AU's beautiful front lawn or historic buildings.


In my opinion the best thing about Anderson University are the people. The students as well as the faculty and instructors are easy to get along with. The students work hard but still have fun, the faculty will go out their way to assist you, and the instructors are very encouraging.




Deffinatly the unity in our student body. This is our strong point. We have a very amazing ability to come together under one roof as a community. This is means more to me than the actual college experience.


i love how the fact that everyone here is super nice and is willing to help you no matter what. Everyone you see talks to you and makes you feel at home, and we're just one big community. We're all looking out for each other.


I like the fact that the University keeps the class sizes small, because I learn better in a small setting. I also like the fact that the campus isn't so big that I have to walk over a mile to get anywhere or a take a bus.


I love the small environment and the loving christian atmosphere. All of my teachers are very caring and only want the best for all of their sudents.


The intimate but mighty community at Anderson University is what makes it such an extraordinary learning and living facility. The care and devotion employed in every aspect of each student's life is truely a blessing for any school to have but it is also a daily sight at Anderson University. Everyone does their part and then some. High but humble standards are always kept at this amazing school.


The best part about Anderson University are the people you meet while there. I have met really awesome friends who will be my life-long friends. Most people that attend AU are excited to meet new people and are very personable.


I consider the education at Anderson University to be the best thing. When I enter the classroom, I know that I am going to be challenged daily. I also know that when I am given material to learn, it is the material that I will need to know and understand in my career. The professors are approachable and caring, but they also know that it is there job to prepare you for life in the real world; so they buckle down and demand nothing less than exceptional from their students. In the end, it will make us better people!


The best thing about my school so far that I have discovered is Dr. Wentworth. She is not only a wonderful teacher; she is a wonderful person. She practices what she preaches. She used to do social work and I am sad that she still is not doing it because we need social workers like her. She is true inspiration and role model for me.


The best thing about anderson university is the ppl that you meet there. You will make plenty of friends there but for the cost to go there it isnt really worth your time to even apply...I really think we should get more for our money. RIP OFF!!


The small classes are great and allow professors to really get to know their students and their individual needs as well as being able to spend more one on one time with each student to help them do their best. Being a Christian, I also enjoy the fact that it is a Christian university and love participating in campus ministries. It is a great way to get to know people and get involved in clubs and organizations on campus.


The best thing is the sense of community. Anderson's students and faculity are like one big, happy family! I love the fact that we have campus worship oppertunities and that we can all come together as one campus to worship! :)


Overall, i consider Anderson University to be a full package deal. I can not name one thing that is the best. It takes all the good things about it put together with an amazing faculty and staff to make it work. The students also play a hugh role in AU being a great school!


I love the fact that they offer Bachelor degrees online and that they are a Christian University.


This school works very hard to get any student the financial aid that they require to enroll with little to pay out of pocket. This school isn't a party school; but, if you are looking for a great school to come and learn and make new friends for life, then this is the place for you.


Community would definitely be the best thing about Anderson University. It's as if the student body is one, focusing on one common goal and pursuing a God-centered education. I couldn't ask for a better college. Everyone gets along with everyone and there are no cliques.


Anderson University is a community. Although the class work and independence is a huge leap from high school, there is still a warm, comfortable feeling on campus at AU. No matter what time of day someone on campus--faculty, staff, or student--is willing to help with homework, roommate issues, repairs, or anything else needed. The transition from high school to college is radical and scary, but the relaxed, Christian community of Anderson University helps all students--first year or fifth--feel like they are at home.


The best thing about Anderson University is the acceptance of everyone. The teachers, residents, and all students are extremely inviting. They make AU extremely welcoming and you can tell everyone truly enjoying being there. Everyone is always smiling and are willing to go out of the way in order to show you that they care. The teachers are always willing to help and the students are more than willing to answer your questions. These things were extremely important and why I chose Anderson University.


Anderson University has the most encouraging environment. Each teacher and staff member are so nurturing and willing to help. I know for a fact that have become a better woman from seeing all of the amazing role models and inspiring adults on staff everyday.


The best thing about Anderson University is the small class sizes and the close relationships that grow between student and teacher. This school is dedicated to serving its students and serving God by treating everyone fairly and with the respect they deserve. The students are very competivite academically which creates an environment easy to thrive in.


I belive the best thing about Anderson University is its strive for excellence. It is a very difficult school, but I know that when I graduate I will be well prepared for the real world. They push me everyday to my maximum limit and though sometimes I feel like I just might snap, I know I will be grateful for it later.


The best thing about my school would have to be the family atmosphere. It's small enought o where you see the same faces every day and get close with people in your dorm building. It's nice to go to lunch and at least know one or more people in there. It is so close knit that you can feel comfortable no matter what situation.


Location! The campus is right in town and is easily accessible.


The strong Christian environment is really one of the best things about Anderson University.


The best thing about my school is the willingness to help students with any learning disability or even in a subject matter.