Andrews University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


We are the fifth most culturally diverse campus in America. The students are very Christ centered and motivated to do their best.


My classmates are academically driven.


Most of the people who attend Andrews are very friendly and welcoming. Most of them went to either the same high schools or knew each other from church, so students tend to stay in their cliques.


Andrews University is known as a very diverse campus. That being said, my classmates are from all over the world! I have really enjoyed getting to know many students and learning diffrent things from their cultures. Most students here are doing their best to get good grades and building friendships.


At Andrews a lot of students are very Christ oriented and religious. You don't have to be any of those things to fit in. Just come with an open heart and you will feel welcome. Literally come as you are. Students come from all over, Andrews is an international/national school.


Andrews University has an atmosphere of acceptance. Throughout this school the students are friendly and inviting. In addition, the teachers willingly help students whenever they can and are glad to do so. There are many students on campus meaning that there are opportunities to make friends. With those friends one can survey the many places to hang out on campus such as the student center, or the new building: Buller Hall. Students appreciate the beauty of the campus and on sunny days several people bring out blankets and lie on the campus grass; I have done this a few times myself. One thing that the students sometimes complain about it the cafeteria food. Since this is an Adventist school there is no meat served in the cafeteria and this can be the subject of complaint sometimes. Yet, there are many alternatives to meat such as a pizza bar, sandwich bar, salad bar and so on. This school has its faults, but I find that the good increasingly outweighs the bad.


Whenever you are at Andrews University, race does not seem to matter as much as when you are in other places. Andrews is a school that actually prides itself on its diversity and that is evident in most of the social meetings you see on campus. My smattering of friends usually includes a girl from Venezuela, a guy born in Africa, a transfer student from Norway, and a boy straight from Rockland County, New York. Among these differences, one of the staggering similarities you might share with your peers is a perpetual lack of money, as we are all college students trying to pay for education. However, Andrews students just love someone with something to share, and if you have that, you'll have no trouble fitting in.


I can honestly say that I have never met a more diverse but closely knit community than Andrews University. This question is hard because whatever stereotype or group someone can ask about, there is a presence of it at Andrews. Incoming students will no doubt find a group that fits their personality, but far from being cliquish, the Andrews community is accepting of every unique person or group. I have never met a student who gave as a reason for disliking Andrews that he or she "did not fit in." It sometimes surprises me the unique personalities I meet on campus. A typical Saturday night at Andrews will look like this: My friend and I decide we want to go to the mall. My friend has a friend I've never met, but decides to bring her. That friend has two other friends that she wants to bring, and in a minute my car is full of three people I've never met, and two that my friend has never met. Far from being uncomfortable, we all talk, get along great, and then proceed to say hi whenever we see each other on campus. We never become the best of friends, but we acknowledge that fun evening we spent together. In this way many students know each other by sight, and that is how friendships are formed. If there are four tables at the cafeteria, generally it is that same mesh of friend-groups that all have one or two people in common. I can't accurately describe any majority or overarching stereotype simply because I don't believe they exist. An incoming student will find friends and will easily find their niche on campus.


i am an African student from Tanzania. so far i have not experienced any racial, religious. we have religious freedom and we have the freedom to worship God every nation according to their culture. students interact.students are not left behind politically. they are informed.


The school is tolerant of all races, Andrews is one of the most diverse campuses in the United States, so I think that says a lot about tolerance. Students who just want to party would definitely feel out of place at this school because after all it is a religious affiliated organization. Students usually wear what's comfortable for them and what is worn really depends on the season, in the winter you can expect people to dress warm once Spring comes around you can expect flip flops and sorts. Different types of students do interact, people from different nations and races often enjoy each others' company. Four tables at the dining hall would include 3 groups who already established their clique and 1 table where students are just trying to get to meet new people. Students are from all over Africa, Asia (mostly South Koreans) the Caribbean, South America, Canada you name it, from all over the globe and there are lots of New Yorkers. I don't think there's a financial background that's prevalent, less privileged students can apply for Financial Aid. The students are politically aware, most of them followed the last political elections in 2008, I don't think they are predominantly left, right or center, it's somewhat of a mixture but being Christian some views are on the conservative side. Yes students talk about how much they'll earn or they would like to earn one day.


My classmates are studious and eager to get good grades.


Various types of classmates. There are intelligent students but some that don't try at all.


My classmates are mostly easy to deal with, but somewhat on the unfriendly side.


They are all very expressive and very creative in an individualistic way.


the share their opinion on things


The few, the proud, the Engineers!


My classmates are very quiet.