Andrews University Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


Bible study and the worship of our Creator.


At Andrews, we have many clubs that meet for fun, but also ministries for the purpose of touching souls for Christ. One of my favorite ministries is my drama group, Impressions of the Master, and it's where I met one of my closest friends, Micah. MInistries and clubs give you a chance to meet people that you wouldn't usually know otherwise. Also, there are many opportunities to get involved in singing groups, sports teams, and clubs relating to whatever your major is such as Animal Science or Pre-Dent. Because it's a small school, many of the girls you meet might be taken or they might be "too busy" with their schoolwork, but usually it's not hard to find girls that are interesting to get to know.


As is evidenced by the annual club fair on campus, student organizations exist for every department or interest on campus. From the Scuba Club to the Pre-Vet Club, incoming students will be given the opportunity to get involved in whatever capacity they choose. I am heavily involved in the basketball program. I am assistant coach for the women's team after playing four years, the last two as captain. I also played for the Andrews Women's Soccer team for two years, and can testify to the fact that Andrews athletics is quite popular. Andrews is a fairly small school, but students fill the gym to support their teams, especially their recently victorious National Championship Men's Basketball team. The sports program is where I met my closest friends, because 10+ hours a week of practice creates a pretty special bond. As a small school, Andrews does not maintain an active theater program, but departments put together plays every so often which are quite well attended by students and community members alike. As a conservative Christian campus, there is a minimum of alcohol use on campus, and fraternities/sororities are banned, but there are many other activities for students to participate in. Each Saturday night Andrews makes an effort to have some kind of social event whether it is a class vs. class competition, movie night, game night, Fall party, etc. In the absence of a Student Association event, many times the various clubs will hold mixers or fundraisers. If a student chooses not to participate in these events, many frequent the movie theaters, restaurants, or University Park Mall for some Saturday night fun. On the weekdays most students will be found studying. The Andrews community is very academically aware, and students fight for A's, many times until the early hours of the morning, but when the weekend hits, students find ways to have good, clean, fun.


Among all the activities we have in the year, there's this annual game night that is organised for all the school. It's one of those times when the students get together with their friends and get competitive! Believe me, it really is a great way to forget about school... Because we all need this a few times, don't we?! If you're interested in something that gives you more opportunities along the year, there are so many opportunities on campus available to you... Whether you want to get involved in clubs, or you want to play in the basketball team, assist to concerts, or you want to participate in the annual Passion Play, you definitely will not be bored!