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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Make sure you visit the campus before you go. Don't be too picky about facilities but find out what the professors are like. The quality of the professor and their willingness to help will make or break your experience in school. Also, see what they have to offer in terms of extracurricular, after all the hours of studying, you need to get away sometimes and there should be something that you enjoy. Meet people and talk to alumni and those who currently attend the school to get a feel for what you're getting yourself into. Study hard and then party hard. Can't do one without the other though so make sure you get your stuff done and then you can kick back and enjoy. And say goodbye to 8 hours of sleep.


Look around and stick with what feels right.


Don't let yourself be influenced by the idea that only the biggest schools are the best ones. Think about the individual attention that you and your child can received from faculty. Look for a conservative enviroment, where your child will NOT be directelly exposed to alcohol and drugs, where they will have the opportunity to be exposed to higher and noble teachings.


I would tell students to go to college with an open mind. Also, you should try your best to be yourself as soon as you get there. It makes your academic and social life a lot easier!


Always visit the campus and talk with the students. If at all possible, do not talk to the students in front of professors, administrators, or any campus tour guides. Ask lots of questions (prepare them before your visit). If you have any beliefs or interests that you are passionate about, check to see how well they will mesh with the campus community. Finally, make sure the college you choose is just as interested and concerned about the students who are attending the school as they appear to be about those who haven't made a decision yet!