Andrews University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I left all my normal (a.k.a summer/fall clothes) at home, thinking it was going to be below zero when I arrived. Hmm, it didn't snow until october. I might have thought there was snow year-round....THERE ISN'T.


I wish i would have known how cold the weather really gets during the winter.


If you need help you really have to search for it, options aren't offered to you. I wish I knew how to find the pool it took me a year. I also wish that I had known how intense the Gen ed requirements are here. They advertise pre-professional options that they don't offer. I wish I knew before that they don't offer introductory level classes for core sciences.


Nothing it was prety much adverstized about what is happing and what is around here.


The level of academic commitment demanded to succeed is much more than demanded in high school. Try to choose your area of focus and stick to it, otherwise you'll end up wasting a lot of time and money.


That time would fly by so fast!


How much it would really cost me in the end. How the teachers taught, their actual resources, and lesson plans


What i wanted to do for a major.


I wish I had known how truly strict Andrews was in regards to residence, as well as personal background. I come from a family in which there was a lot of sacrifice and struggle to survive financially, and most people here are from private academies, and their families are well off. I also didn't realize before that there was such preferential treatment, in regards to financial aid and employment, shown toward Seventh Day Adventist students. There is also a VERY strict residence policy.