Angelo State University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


It's a great academic and athletic school for anyone that is seeking higher education and professors are very helpful and will do everything in their power so that his/her student can succeed.


Angelo State is a very diverse school with many cultures and numerous opportunities for students and with so many ways to be involved, you will never feel alone or left out and the people are friendly.


I am a transfer student to Angelo State University, but so far the campus is lovely and welcoming.


Angelo State University is full of diversity from the different ethnicities and cultures, to the organizations and activities it offers for students in their free time, as well as the academics and choices of which classes to enroll in.


Angelo State University is a small, hometown college with a variety of opportunities available and is growing rapidly to include more students on campus.


Angelo State Univeristy is a smaller university thats main goal is to help students succeed in their career choice.


Angelo State University is a perfect blend of rural and city with the best of a big school and small school including: a great community, a wonderful campus, and exceptional faculty.


Angelo State University is a great school full of ethnically diversed student and teacher population; Angelo State has so many different activities to do on and off campus, there is not a day where there is nothing, it is full of of life and bright futures.


Angelo State University is an amazing school with friendly professors that are willing to help students if the students simply ask, classes that are engaging and interesting and full of information that helps you learn more about various subjects, a beautiful campus that provides a calming and peaceful atmosphere, and friendly classmates that are easy to communicate with.


Angleo state university has a high accessibility to educators.


My school is a good school but not for me.


Angelo State is a small, caring, and personal university, with caring faculty, and a very pretty campus.


Angelo State is a very personable, small college with very caring teachers.


Best decision I made in my life


My school is very involved with the San Angelo community.


Wonderful, great, and full of spirit.


Although it is initially no one's dream school, it is an excellent place to get an education.


A school of ideal size that provided me with everything I needed to begin my career.


Nice campus and affordable but boring.


Angelo State University is a smalll and better school to attend for your future career.


ASU is a school that has so much diversity between the students, professors, and staff members and yet, everyone still comes together in good times and in bad to work together to achieve the goals set for the university and share our love for our country, town, and school.


Angelo State University is great school. The professors work extremely hard to provide the best services.


ASU is a well balanced learning experience.


My school is a great size and has many opportunities for many different career paths


A place where you can learn the knowledge you need to effect tomarrow.