Angelo State University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


The students here are always willing to help you if you have any problems there. The environment is very friendly and everyone tends to be very social. Although I haven't personally been in one, there are several fraternities and sororities for students to join as well that host many different events on campus throughout the year.


I have seen all kinds, every kind of student from the driven to the lazy, from the white american to the chinese immigrant, I found the driven and intelligent and we succeeded together.




They are students who want to get a degree while having a good time.


The students at Angelo State Unversity are from all over Texas from a one A school to the nearby five A schools, yet everyone blends together as a supportive community of peers.


My classmates are very outgoing and outspoken.


My college class mates vary. There are young people around my age and there are old people who are in there 30's-60's. Some can be weird and can come from a low income family and some come from an average or rich family. Most of my college class mates are mature and come to college because they want to get and education not because they are forced to. This is different than High school because my high school class mates would goof off and they didn't care about their education unlike college students.


Many students are outgoing and if you ask for help about something they will most likely oblige you.


My classmates are very helpful and diverse with the same goals of finishing and finding work after school.


The classmates are a group of diverse and compassionate students from differrent backgrounds and walks of life.


They are very helpful


The students at this university are good, fun-loving, studious people who get all their school work done in order to have a good time on the weekends.


My classmates, for the most part, are laid-back, and intelligent.


I have made some of my best freinds attending Angelo State University. The agriculture departmant is like a family and everyone looks out for everyone else. If you are not in class you better bet someone is calling you to make sure your okay and if you need anything. There is suc a great balance between everyone. I couldnt have made any better friends than the ones that I made ay ASU.