Angelo State University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Angelo State Univeristy is best known for their competitive nursing program.


The biology department is one of the best. The biological honor society (Tri-Beta) at ASU is one of the most successful in the nation. The Bertholf Award is given to one outstanding chapter in the nation every year and the Epsilon Sigma chapter here has won that award numerous times. We have won that award more times than schools like UT, Baylor, Texas Tech, etc.. Even on campus we are highly recognized and have won numerous campus awards. When someone says Tri-Beta is the best organization on campus, they really mean it.


It's statues of sheep


Angelo State University is best known for its outstanding Nursing, Physical Therapy, and Biology programs. Also, our softball team won Nationals 2 years ago and it made Angelo State Universitites sports get more positive attention throughout the town.


My school is best known for being a big school with small classrooms. Angelo State has the advantage of being a big school in being a divsion 2 however having about 20-30 people per class room. Something found in division 3 schools. This way we are able to get a better edcuation in that the professors actually know each student.


Angelo State University is probably best known for being one of the top universities in west Texas. As a member of the Texas Tech system of universities, Angelo State provides top academic and athletic programs. The nuring, physics, and agriculture programs are some of the best in the state and it one of the reasons I chose Angelo State among other choices.




I think my school is best known for being part of the Texas Tech Institution.


We are known for our clubs and sororities and fraternities. Im not in one or anything but Ive heard alot of good things about them. They are competitive about everything that do and they are supportive as well.




Angelo State is best known for staff members is financial aid, residence life, and admissions being entirely too rude to students who need help with what ever problem they may have. All students that go through this university have a problem with one or more of the above listed offices.


Angelo State is known for how open and friendly it is. The Nursing and Physical Therapy departments are very strong. There are smart kids on campus, you just have to be in the right place to find them.


For it ability to promote and help students to succeed in health and all sciences area.


Tough accounting courses that really prepare students for this profession.


Graduating Teachers and Coaches.