Angelo State University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


ASU is very friendly and it is a beautiful campus. The professors are accessible and aware of students needs and assisting in helping the students complete them.


That I enjoy my studies.


The various activities available and beautiful campus that makes everyone feel welcome. Everyone you meet from staff to students are so friendly and the faculty is always willing to help unlike what you may find in larger universities. Even though the campus is small and I live on the opposite end that my classes are located, I am able to get some "exercise" by walking to class which also gets me out in the sun.


My school has a really good nursing program. The campus is really pretty and has a lot of shade trees to sit under! The teachers are nice and they know the students by name instead of just a number like larger schools. It is one of the cheapest 4-year university in Texas.


The teachers are awsome. They are cool, they are willing to help as long as you ask and they know that you need help.


I consider the one on one you receive from instructors to be a serious advantage. In larger classrooms, it's difficult for teachers to remain focused on students that may need extra help or to take the time during class time to help them. Most of the time, teachers know their students names and know there educational compacity therefore it's easy to get them to understand the material. They will also take time for students outside of class to answer questions and just be there for students to always have access to help if needed.


The teachers of Angelo State University always recieve brags from me. They are amazing people that really care about their work and students.


That my friends are fun and friendly people


When I brag about my school, I always mention the beautifully kept landscape that the school keeps. The campus is slightly spread, but the grounds make the walk to class seem shorter. Another feature that I really like about my college is the size. We have approximately 3000 undergraduates which make the classes smaller, so professors are more available if a student needs assistance.


what a great place to go and i get all the help i need..


That it is the perfect size, not too big but not too small.


San Angelo isn't that bad.


I was very impressed with faculty in the Music Department. During my stay at Angelo State, I was constantly nurtured and challenged.


Angelo State University has a very attractive campus, shaded areas are common because of the abundance of trees. The professors genuinely care.


Angelo State University is just theright sized school for anyone. I come from a large high school and going to a smaller school has been really beneficial. I am have excelled so much in the agriculture department and I am involved in every club within the department. The school is very well rounded in all the right places and every deartment has great professors. Also, the financial aide available is really great in addition to there scholarship opputuinties.


The size is perfect. There is enough people to get a college experience, but not too many.