Angelo State University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


During athletic events such as home football games, school spirit isn't as enthusiatic as it should be. Also on the weekends or during the weekday It is almost impossible to venture off campus into the city unless you know someone with a vehicle. There is alot of things to do on campus but the majority choose to not get involved with such activities. So to fully get the college experience, you MUST have a vehicle to venture out to downtown or the local lakes.


The worst thing about Angelo State is probably its seeming indifference to finding employment after graduation. There is little encouragement in the liberal arts departments on campus to find internships (if there even are any available), and the only opportunities that students are persuaded to pursue post-graduation are to either become a college professor or attend graduate school. I did not find the career center especially helpful, and after graduation I felt little to no confidence about my future as far as employment or personal advancement goes.


The worst thing about my school is the priorities. Instead of building more paking lots for us to park our cars, they are building another dorm while cutting parking. There already wasn't enough parking. Also, trying to get the residents involved in the dorms is another issue. Getting the residents to come back to campus is something this school struggles with.


The thing that is the worst about Angelo State University is the small choice of degrees to choose.


i dont think there is anything bad about the school. i love asu


The worst thing is the constant construction going on. It's nice that they want to expand and give the school a "face-lift", however they've cut down on parking for all students and staff, and they promise to be finished with buildings that aren't going to be finished before I graduate, or delay the time the build was supposed to be finished.


The only thing I do not like about my school is the lack of healthy entrees in the cafeteria. As it is my first year in college, I am determind not to gain the freshman fifteen. I take advantage of free fitness classes but it does little good if my only choices for dinner are pizza and hamburgers. I would like to see more fruit and vegetable options and healthy proteins like grilled chicken.


The worst thing about my school is the way they set up their loan methods. They split the money for each term which can make for a very sticky situation in the long run.


The town my school is located is pretty boring and laid back.


The hours of some of the facilites. For instance the otoring only takes place at night. i usually do my homework at night later, hen the tutoring is over and there is no tutoring in the morning. Os i usually hva e to figure it out on my owe. The hours of the gym are bad too. I would rather work out in the morning in the weight room but the gym doesnt start till the morning.


It would be that eding classes on thursdays of the week.


That it is smaller, and the courses i want aren't always offered.


The small vast areas, where there are now many people around...


The parking situation has gotten kind of bad. Last year it wasnt too bad becasue there were only three types of parking spaces, teacher or A, student or B, and students who live on campus or C. Now they added a reseved form of parking which is located in the most popular parking areas . The only reason why this is bad is becasuereserved parking takes up the biggest parking areas and is never full. There are always free parking space whille regular students have to drive around for hours just to find a spot.


Only that there has been alot of construction going on around campus, but other than that I don't have any complaints.


The worst quality of Angelo State University is the parking system. Our as our number of students continues to grow, the parking system becomes more and more difficult.


The worst thing about our school is the food. Im really not that picky of a eater but now that I am on their meal plan, ive become the worst picky eatter on this planet. They need more varitey and better choices and also lighten up on the greese.


This is great. My chance to rant on what I think is the worst thing about my school. Well if there was one thing I couldn't stand was the constant fire alarms that went off in the Texan Dorms and I mean constant. They weren't planned fire alarms either. At times the alarms would go off maybe three o'clock in the morning or five minutes before a student even had to get up. I remember going home for christmas break and when we returned to school the fire alarms went off the week we all came back.


i dont like the town.


What I least like about my school is that the buildings are quite aged and are not that appealing indoors. The school does not get many finances, or what they do receive does not go to refurnish the buildings. I wish that they could receive more funds, besides raising our tuition. I believe that an increase in federal funds would help to improve the indoors of our older buildings, which in turn would improve the amount of students.


I think that the price of books in our bookstore is shameful. I know it is like this everywhere, but how can they honestly expect us to believe that a textbook is work $150?




People are too segregated and more worried about what others think of them than what the community would think.


Parking, the parking is horrible I mean it is terrible! Dont get me wrong I dont mind walking, but when I have to walk 2 miles before I get to class, it kinda gets ridiculous after awhile. But, im not complaining, no really its just a cry for more parking.


the quality of the buildings on campus