Angelo State University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Angelo State really is a school for anyone and everyone. While we are located in west central Texas and a typical conservative mentality seems to loom in the background occasionally, we have a diverse group of students and faculty. It is apparent that our staff is trying to engage and attract a diverse group of students. We also have an international studies program that has grown exponentially in the past few years and only continues to improve. The faculty and staff on campus are also relatively diverse and do an excellent job of making all students feel welcome.


Any kind of person can attend this school. We have such a wide variety of culture and ethnic groups.


Anyone that is willing to put a lot of effort into their education should attend Angelo State University. Students looking for new experiences such as: variety in cultures, top ranking inturmural sports and advancing education systems wil most likely find ASU a great place to consider!


Individuals who are friendly, like small towns, and can find their own interesting things to do should attend ASU.


People like myself, who have had a considerable absence from the academic world, will find Angelo State a fine place to return to college. There is a personal attention that you wont get at many large schools. The professors and and administration take a personal interest in helping you make the best choices for your future. It is reassuring to know that the people around you care about your education and are willing to do the small things that make the transition back to college a little easier.


Any person can attend. when you are walking down the halls you see a veriety of people nd you can always find money out there to be able to go . you just have to want it bad enough.


Any person can attend Angelo State University. However, only those who are able to commit one hundred percent to their studies will maintain high grades. There are multiple opportunities to attend study groups and supplemental instruction activities. While extremely helpful, these activities are time-consuming and not necessarily flexible.


I believe this school is for individuals who would like to have a "small-town" atmosphere. Angelo State is a very down to earth school and it is in a fairly small city. If you like big city life, Angelo State is not for you. The teachers are very personable and care about how you do, as opposed to bigger universities with huge classes whose teachers generally don't know your name and therefore can't get very personal with individuals.


Anyone looking for a degree either in education or nursing especially, but everyone is welcome and it's a great start for any major since its part of the Texas Tech system.


Angelo State University is for students who are looking for a small city enviroment. San Angelo is a clean town with tons of fun things to do for college students. ASU provides excellent one on one time with professors and advisors, which helps student's gpa fly through the roof.


i think anyone should attend, they would get the proper help needed to complete their studies.