Angelo State University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about Angelo State is definitely the professors. I found my English professors to be exceptionally knowledgable and passionate about their subject. Their enthusiasm was infectious, and they genuinely cared about the success of each student. I was always encouraged to stop by their offices with questions, concerns, or just to chat. Also, the professors in the communication department where I achieved credits for my minor are movers and shakers in the field. They encouraged me to be innovative and creative, and with their guidance I created projects that filled me with genuine pride.


The best thing about Angelo State University is by far the level of education. ASU was announced as one of the top three universities in Texas in the Princeton Review. The curriculum is more difficult here than in most universities and the instructors are amazing!


The fact that it makes you the person you want to become. The people who want to make a difference have numerous opportunities and they are the students that stay here and love it.


The best thing about my school is that it is small enough that my professors know me by name, and I am not just another student. It is just big enough to feel like a University, but not too big that I am nobody. It is nice to recognized by professors just walking around campus. Also it is not so hard to make a name for yourself among the other students here.


I think the best thing about Angelo State university is the professors. All of the professors that I have had so far for all of my classes are extremely friendly and knowledgeable about the subject they are teaching. In addition to being well informed about their respected areas of expertise, they also are extremely willing to help students when the students have questions or the students are wondering how they can do well in the class. Even if the professor seems like they are from another world, they are able to relate the information in class to the students easily.


The best thing about this university is the professors are helpful, caring, and easily accessible . Also the school is very laidback and a good learning environment for the students. The classes are a perfect size and the school offers great places to study.


Angelo State University isn't a big school, but it isn't small either. When I came to this school I thought that the size was just perfect. I didn't want to worry about having to hop on a shuttle and ride all the way across campus to get to one class and then have to hop on another shuttle to go back across campus to get on another shuttle. Here, takes less then ten minutes to get across campus and I dont have to worry about being late to class, like some of the bigger universities do.


I really enjoy the friendlyness the staff provides, the food service is excelent, the classes are not too easy or too hard, but they are just right... I learn, and enjoy learning here...


The teachers and classes are great. The school is full of spirit when it comes to football games, or any other sport here at Angelo State.




Affordability and great Proffesors.


What i love most about my school is how close you can be with other people and your teachers. We have many events that happen on campus that helps us make life long relationships with people, whether it be friendship or more. All together the school brings a very positive and good vibe making it a very easy school to be at and not as stressful. The school gives you a great learning and college experience over all.


The best thing is the sports. Soccer is amazing and its what i love about my campus. It is entertainment for the students and brings them together. It creates a family.


One of the best things about ASU is the diversity of the students and faculty.