Anne Arundel Community College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates come from all over the world, young and old, and with every class we have together, I feel exceptionally lucky to be surrounded by folks who are so driven and are so incredibly excited to learn, to accomplish, and to contribute to our society. Their positive outlook on life, the unwavering ambition which drives them every day to balance the challenges of family, work, and school, is a thought I keep revisiting when I, myself, feel discouraged. And thus, we work together and inspire one another, as we each attempt to put our mark on the world.


It is a variety of people, some were very similar to me and others were complete opposites.


One specific memory comes to mind when I think of my classmates. It happened in my western civilizations class. My teacher came in and put on a movie and then just left. We were all a little confused. To my surprise, despite the fact that we had no teacher, not one person talked, got on their phone, or left. I have also made great friends with some of my classmates. As a whole I would say AACC has a majority of determined students trying to prepare themselves and further their educaion.