Anne Arundel Community College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


The cafeteria is a strange place to be quite a bit of the time.


I wish I had known just how laid back everything was so I wouldn't have worried so much. And I also wish I had known that, being an older student, a lot of my life experiences would give me an advantage as opposed to a disadvantage.




There really is nothing that I "wish that I knew" before attending AACC. I am a senior in high school and decdied to start college early and I knew that AACC would be the perfect starter for beginning my full-time university experience. AACC offers school for those who do not want to attend a more rigorous hard-working college.


I wish I knew how comfortable it would be attending a community college. I went to a four year univeristy first and had to return home, so I wish I had went to the community college fresh out of high school to get a feel for college instead of going straight to a university.


It really is just like any college, except for the part where classes are rigorous.


I wish I would have known how do-able college really was and started sooner.