Antioch University-Los Angeles Top Questions

What should every freshman at Antioch University-Los Angeles know before they start?


My almost 25 year old self would have lots of advice to my 18 year old self. However, if I were to travel back and speak to my younger self I would not try to change a thing. After college I attended a conservatory for acting where I met some incredible people, then I attended community college where I had some inspiring professors, one of which sat me down and urged me to pursue my acting dreams. That conversation led to a role on my first feature film, where my now best friend and I had a life changing experience that brought me closer to my faith. The church I then attended introduced me the producer of a Halloween event I directed for two years where I met my fianceé, who inspired me to finish my degree. So instead of telling my 18 year old self to stay on the path and finish in 4 years, to do what everyone else you're graduating was doing, I would say do exactly what you're going to do, make all the mistakes you will make, because that is the only way you will get to where you are meant to go.


I have learned everything form Billie Holiday not being a pushover to Chaos being a theory, in my Liberal Arts education. I have learned more about myself, my Wife, Children and my Mother. During my attendance I have come to terms about my identity as a half black, half white adopted boy from Yonkers, Ny. I have become, simply a student, a student of life and a student of a world less forgiving. I enjoy learning immensely and wish I could never go back to work and just sit in class and soak up the knowledge of professors and other students. I must work to provide sustenance for my people, however. I realize that for me to survive, I must consume more books and devour more units. Career student will not become my occupation, but might become my most coveted hobby. And if it is not my destiny to attend graduate school, than I will become self didactic and aspire to complete my education through a life well-lived and well-studied.


As an adult student who has recently returned to complete my undergraduate degree, I feel as though this question is extremely applicable to my situation. All students at my school have somehow experienced an interruption in their studies. Through some transition in life we have returned to further our education. With years of worldly life experience under my belt, I would have much to tell myself, needing much more than 200 words. I was a dance major when I first went to college. I left to go on tour as a professional showgirl and my life went in a whole new direction. I am proud to have had the unique experiences that I had as a performing artist and would never want to take that back. However, like many, I think that I took my college education for granted. With this in mind, I would tell myself to relish in the knowledge that my professors are giving to me. I must truly hear and understand what they are saying as experienced professionals. I would tell myself to enjoy the entire college experience from the cafeteria to the dorms, reading the school paper, friends, activities and assignments, taking nothing for granted.


I would tell myself that you really need to focus on time management. In highschool, you were monitored and given rules and restrictions. In college, your success is based totally on you. Study broad subjects first and don't get concerned about concentrating on specific studies until after the first year.