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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


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I had learning disabilities and didn't think I could earn an undergraduate degree, let along a double Masters. Little did I know I would not only discover that my abiity to think creatively would be appreciated, but required. At one point in the middle of my first quarter, I just wasn't getting Freud. I felt defeated and was about to drop out of school. In desperation I visited my student advisor confessing my situation. She advised me to speak with my instructor about it. "What good will that do? It isn't the teachers fault I'm not getting the material. She can't change the way she teaches the class just for me." "She can here," was the reply. Doubtful, I forced myself to make an appoinment with my teacher and told her my problem. To my utter shock she told me, "Andrea, you're trying too hard. Just relax. Trust that one day it will all be there." Several weeks later, sitting in the Rose Cafe, just across from the campus with some other students talking about our studies I suddenly started arguing Freud. Forever more I' have gratefully trusted my ability to learn.